Reasons to use a Comb Knife

Have you ever wondered what ten dollars could buy? You may not believe us if we tell you it’s your life, and that’s understandable. There are a variety of self-defense weapons available out there, so you don’t need to live under a rock to know about them. A Comb knives are among them.

One of the most clever self-defense weapons on the market is the comb knife. Without getting in the way of your daily life, this amazing cheap hidden blade knife can save your life. The comb knife accomplishes this in what way? Taking a look at a hidden knife is instructive.

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Comb Knife Design

Switchblade combs are incredibly popular these days. Despite its less flashy appearance, a knife is much more useful for self-defense 

Plastic is typically used to make hidden comb knives. Yellow, pink, and other colors are available in the plastic. Because of this, knives are ideal self-defense weapons for both men and women.

An average comb knife can be between 8″ and 12″ long. For quick access, you can easily slip it into your back pocket since it won’t fit securely in your front pocket. There is a perfect comb on the comb knife.

There is a spear-pointed blade hidden inside the comb fasade. A steel blade hidden inside the chest that can poke and stab anyone who gets in your way.

The handle of the comb knife may be grooved for easy gripping and curved for easy deployment onto your attacker, just like the switchblade. There are even some comb knives that come with a finger guard to prevent accidental contact with the sharp blade.

As you stab your attacker with a comb knife, the finger grooves and guard add ease of use. It is also possible that these features will reveal what type of comb is being carried. Consequently, comb knives are no longer useful as concealed self-defense weapons.

Invest in a knife with a simple plastic handle that doesn’t have grooves so that you won’t be caught with a hidden blade knife.

Despite its lack of grip and potential for slipping from sweaty hands, the handle will still cause the shock that comb knives are known for.

What Are The Best Ways To Use A Comb Knife As A Self-Defense Tool?

It can be transformed into a self-defense weapon in seconds. The only thing your attacker needs is a presence of mind, and he will have no idea how he wound up with a knife.

In order to use a comb knife properly, you must keep it in an easily accessible location. Comb knives are discreet weapons, so you will not be judged if you display one on your dresser.

Whenever you leave the house, keep the comb knife in your handbag or pocket. A hidden blade can also be stored in the glove compartment. As a result, you will always have access to your self-defense weapon should the need arise.

Hold onto the handle of your comb knife and pull at the removable upper part as soon as you sense danger. You don’t need much force to open a comb knife. It only takes a little tug to reveal the hidden blade.

Comb knives can have thick blades like daggers or thin stiletto blades like stilettos. What kind of action your comb knife has will be determined by its shape and strength.

Stabbing and piercing could be done with an ordinary comb knife. The abdominals or thighs are the best places to pick for quick bleeding.

Repeated stabbing should be used to bring down the attacker if he is still going strong. Anyhow, do not let him grab the cb knife. Self-defense weapons that are used against you are the worst.

Self-defense With Comb Knives: Why Do You Need One?

Why should you choose a comb knife over a folding pocket knife or push dagger for self-defense? The is a perfect hidden weapon for a number of reasons.

A comb is one of the least suspicious objects in the world. Brandishing your comb knife in public won’t raise eyebrows.

Security officials will not be able to take your disguised self-defense weapon from you even if they frisked or patted you down.

The multipurpose knife you use to set your hair can also be used to defend yourself against armed attackers.

In reality, no one uses a concealed blade weapon on a daily basis, so it does not need to sit aimlessly for self-defense. The comb knife can therefore be used for its intended purpose. 

When you’re worried that kids will get their hands on your swanky pink comb, you can even buy a comb knife with a plastic blade. A comb knife of this kind was commonly used during the enactment and cosplay eras.

Self Defense

Self-defense weapons can even be made from plastic comb knives. After stabbing someone, the hidden blade is likely to chip off at the tip and become lodged in the wound.

A person won’t be seriously injured but will suffer enough pain to distract them.

Comb knives are also ideal for self-defense since they don’t require much maintenance over time. In contrast to pepper spray, comb knives have a long shelf life.

A comb knife remains one of the most affordable self-defense weapons for $10 or less, despite the steel blade rusting over time. 

Last but not least, hidden self-defense weapons are always more effective than other weapons because they shock you.

Through the hidden comb knife, an unarmed person becomes a ninja defender. Any potential attacker will be scared off by this alarm.

It is important to maintain personal safety at all times, but you don’t need to purchase expensive and cumbersome self-defense tools to do it.

By concealing a blade in it, you can easily and cheaply protect yourself. Now is the time to take advantage of this hidden weapon.

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