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Among all of the cuts of meat that are smoked, brisket is perhaps the most luxurious and well known. It has the potential to become a masterpiece if it is prepared correctly and smoked well.

Like me, you probably grew up hearing the phrase that “fat gives flavor to food”. Despite the fact that I do not deny that this is true, too much fat can lead to other, less desirable outcomes on the meat while it is smoked.

While I was just learning, I often left a great deal of the excess fat on because I assumed that it would melt as it cooked and would add a decedent savory flavor to the meat.

The thing is, I didn’t realize at the time that this prevented the formation of the dark, flavorful, and chewy exterior known as the bark, an essential part of the smoking process.

Then and since then, I have always prepared and trimmed the brisket carefully and have found it to be much easier, especially when equipped with the right equipment. Today we will examine which knife is best for preparing brisket trimmings.

What Is The Best Knife For Trimming Brisket?

You will usually slice or cut meat by using a downward motion and letting the knife cut right through whatever is being cut. Chef knives are often heavier and thicker than regular knives, so it helps them to achieve their purpose.

In order to trim the brisket effectively and efficiently, you need to use very different cutting techniques that will allow you to achieve the best results. 

You must slice the brisket on several different angles during trimming, so you need a knife that can bend. When it comes to flexibility, it is also necessary to have sharpness, so you can slice easily, and a strong steel to help you keep it for longer.

As a result, when trimming briskets, a boning knife is the best type of knife to use. Find out more about the best knives to use when cutting raw meat in our guide below. 

As the blade of a boning knife is thinner than some knives such as a chef’s knife or butcher’s knife, it’s not as thick as those of other knives. Because of its narrowness, and the fact that it is more lightweight, it makes it easier to make cuts with more precision.

For trimming briskets, you want a flexible, yet strong steel that can help you trim and slice easier, as well as with a little bit more power.

For the best bark on your brisket, you must trim the fat.

The best woods to smoke brisket can be found here.

Here are our top picks for the best knife to trim brisket

1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Boning Knife is best for trimming briskets


Mercer Culinary M20206 Genesis 6-Inch Flexible Boning Knife

Brand Mercer Culinary

Knife is precision-forged with high-carbon German steel for better durability, and taper-ground edge allows for increased efficiency when cutting along with incredible long-lasting sharpness…

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  • 6 inches is the length of the knife
  • High carbon forged German steel is used for the blade
  • Brisket Trimming Knife – Best Overall


Affordably priced quality

Keeps his head on straight

The warranty is limited to lifetime


It would be better if steel were slightly harder

The Most Important Thing Is:

  • A knife with a bolster (a small piece of metal between the heel of the blade and the handle) is safer to use for the average chef or beginner.
  • For the price range, this product comes with a decent amount of sharpness, and stays that way for a long time.
  • I think the limited lifetime warranty is a great statement of quality, and it shows from the overwhelmingly positive reviews and the overall high quality of the product. 
  • Honestly, there isn’t anything else at this level of quality for a price of this kind.
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).


As the knife is sharpened multiple times, it can weaken the steel over time, resulting in a less even blade. There is more of an aesthetic difference, however, with higher quality steels it does not happen as often.


Specifically designed for trimming brisket, this boning knife has all the characteristics of a boning knife that is essential for boning purpose, but at a fraction of the price of other knives. The blades are extremely sharp and provide a good amount of control.

The blade is durable and long lasting, for the most part, however if it needs to be sharpened a lot and you use it heavily, you will find that it does wear out more quickly.

Both beginners and experienced knife users looking to get a quality blade without the high price tag will appreciate this knife.

2. Brisket Trimming Knife: Mercer Millennia Boning Knife


Mercer Culinary Millennia Colors Red Handle

6-Inch Curved, Boning Knife

Knife is crafted with one-piece high-carbon Japanese steel for easy edge maintenance and long-lasting sharpness…

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  • 6 inches is the length of the knife
  • High carbon Japanese steel is used as the blade material
  • Brisket Trimming Knife: Best Cheap Knife


  • The grip is excellent
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Rated 4.8/5 on Amazon with more than 4400 reviews


Sharpening is harder

Blades aren’t as sturdy

The Most Important Things

  • Is an extremely affordable choice that has received over 4400 positive reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.8/5 stars.
  • There is a surprising amount of strength and durability in the grip.
  • Despite the fact that this knife is sharp when it comes to slicing, trimming, and bone deboning as well as deboning, it is difficult to keep sharp.
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).


  • It is necessary to sharpen the knife more often, but not too often. It is recommended that you sharpen it after every ten uses.
  • Despite the blade’s durability, it is not quite as sturdy as other options, which affects its handling while cutting brisket.


Although the Japanese steel does require more sharpening, it is easy and fast to do so without affecting the durability of the knife. This knife is well designed and made, and it’s a knife I feel comfortable using, and it’s a knife I feel has a good edge. But, the best part of this knife is definitely the price.

As an addition to your arsenal of kitchen tools, this will certainly be a valuable addition to anyone who is not a chef or uses knives every day. Depending on how frequently you plan to use it, it might be more worthwhile to spend a bit more on it.

3. DALSTRONG Japanese Phantom Knife: Best for Trimming Brisket


DALSTRONG Fillet Knife

6.5 inch – Phantom Series – Japanese High-Carbon AUS8 Steel

Masterfully elegant, perfectly balanced, razor sharp and with exceptional performance, the Phantom Series knife is a statement in refinement, beauty, purity and power.

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  • 6.5-inch knife length
  • A blade made of high carbon Japanese steel is tempered
  • Brisket trimming with the best Japanese knife


  • Quite sharp
  • Durable and strong
  • Excellent grip feel and design


  • Costly

The Most Important Things

  • Blade is sharp and stays sharp for a long time due to the high-quality Japanese steel used.
  • Effective and elegant design. Powerful, smooth, and easy to maneuver. 
  • This length makes it easier to cut off larger pieces of fat from brisket, making it great for brisket.
  • Whether you are trimming, slicing, or deboning, the grip, handle, and the overall weight will make trimming, slicing, or deboning more effortless. 
  • An NSF-certified product


  • Sheaths designed in this manner aren’t as user-friendly, as they are more difficult to use in general. In some cases, verified buyers have expressed their preference for using a standard sheath for the sake of convenience and ease of use rather than changing to a custom case.


For trimming briskets, this boning knife is top-quality. The handle and grip are excellent, and the blade is sturdy with a sharp edge. Basically, if you want a knife that is professional grade and built to last, then this is the knife for you.

Although, on paper, this boning knife is more expensive than other top-to-mid quality boning knives, it has proven to be one of the best in all categories.

4. DALSTRONG Black Titanium Boning Knife: Best Knife for Trimming Brisket


DALSTRONG Curved Boning Knife

6 inch – Shadow Black Series

Designed to be as sleek, aggressive and muscular looking as they are effective, the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series stands out. They’re not simply cutting-edge, high-performance tools; they’re a statement about you and your style as a chef.

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  • 6 inches is the length of the knife
  • High Carbon Steel with German Black Titanium Coating
  • Brisket Trimming Knife of the Highest Quality


  • Durability over the long term
  • A design of exceptional quality
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Sharp as a tack


  • Expensive 
  • Ergonomic problems with the handle

The Most Important Things

  • This razor is extremely sharp, making it ideal for cutting quickly and precisely. As the case may be, cutting brisket this way facilitates trimming the unnecessary fat without any difficulty.
  • Knife blades are stunning as well as the entire design of the knife. The knife really adds to the overall experience by adding a touch of class. The overall style score is five out of five. 
  • All defects are covered by a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Steel of top quality that is hefty, flexible, and stiff in equal measure. It is because of this belief that DALSTRONG can offer such great warranties. 
  • Certified by the NSF


Although the handle and grip are supposed to tuck into your palm, it is not as comfortable as a rounded grip when held at an angle.

An expensive knife, but of top quality. You may want to look for a slightly more affordable option if you don’t frequently use boning knives, as it will still perform 75% as well.


Brisket trimming knife of the highest quality and most attractive. Even though it’s more expensive, it comes with a lifelong warranty against defects. Brisket trimming is effortless with its razor-sharp, sleek design. It has a great sheath and can be sharpened easily. 

DALSTRONG did not succeed in creating the perfect ergonomic handle when a classical grip is actually more comfortable. All in all, this is an exceptionally beautiful knife that performs perfectly and adds a special touch to your kitchen.

Brisket cut with a chef’s knife

You are certainly able to use a more common knife for this type of job if you aren’t searching to purchase a specialist knife for boning, trimming, and slicing. If you don’t have a chef’s knife, try using an old-fashioned knife that will do the trick; however, you will have to put in a bit more effort and patience. 

Using a sharp chef’s knife to cut the brisket will yield great results in the long run, as long as you take your time and are careful to not cut the meat too thin.

It may be worthwhile for you to invest in a top-quality meat cleaver if you handle a great deal of meats in the kitchen. If you need one, it will take you less time to prepare each meal.

Trimming a Brisket

As you can see, trimming brisket is more of an art than a science, and you can achieve the same result in a number of ways. Basically, all you have to do is trim the meat as close as you can to its protein content.

However, you do not have to remove every ounce of fat. If you leave about 1/8 of an inch on either side, the fat will render into the meat and develop a wonderful flavor and bark.

You can view our video guide below for simple but comprehensive instructions on how to proceed with trimming and preparing your brisket.

Brisket: Cutting, slicing, & trimming

There are two critical points to prepare brisket, the trimming down of the brisket at the start, and the cutting or carving of it at the end. There is a special knife for every kind of purpose, and these knives make a huge difference in the way you do things.

Trimming Brisket

When it comes to developing a good bark on the brisket, getting the trim right is crucial. The brisket should be trimmed with the help of a knife to remove any thick sheet of fat that is on the top of it.

Choosing how many cuts to make on the top of the brisket is up to you, but try to keep the fat layer consistent throughout. A beast of bark can be developed when you have about 18 of an inch of fat on your animal.

Using a high-quality boning knife will allow you to trim fat off without leaving ragged edges behind. Using the right tool simplifies and simplifies the process. 

Carving Brisket

Carving knives have a much longer blade, ranging from 8 to 14 inches, and a sharp-pointed tip that allows them to pierce through the bark without crushing it. Both carving knives and slicing knives work fine for brisket, and there’s a debate about which is best.

It doesn’t matter which way you chop it, it’s all about using the full length of the blade to slice, see-through, and carve through that beautiful masterpiece to reveal that juicy center that keeps us coming back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths.

A brisket can also be carved with an electric knife to get a perfect and precise cut.

Slicing Brisket

There are some differences between a carving knife and a slicing knife, despite the fact that both knives are of very similar length and design. Typically, you’ll find that a razor blade is a lot narrower, and that it usually has a blunt tip because you’re not really going to be using it to puncture anything, but more to slice right through the meat.

To help you get that perfect slice when you’re getting that money shot of the brisket, you should have a slicing knife with a decent width and length, and a Granton edge. In this way, slicing knives are commonly known as brisket knives because they can be used to slice meat.

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