5 Best Lens for Canon R6 in 2023 Guide

An overview of the best lens for Canon EOS R6 is provided in this guide.

It’s easy to take great photos and videos with the Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera.

Not only for photographers but also for video content creators, the Canon EOS R6 is a great camera.

In another guide, we will discuss the best Lens for the Canon Rebel t6 may help chosing the best camera.

Professionals and serious hobbyists alike love this mirrorless camera. Choosing the right lens is crucial to maximizing the camera’s potential.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a lens. Having so many options can be overwhelming to some users.

What is the best lens for Canon R6?

The following are my top 14 recommended lenses for the Canon R6:

1. CANON 85 MM F/2

High-quality prime lenses like the Canon RF 85mm f/2 are hard to come by. Close-up focus capabilities and excellent image stabilization are two of its best features. Just 1.1 lbs make the lens easy to transport.

It is worth noting that the lens is slick and smooth in design, and that polycarbonate is absent from the lens material composition.

The RF is capable of focusing down to 1.1 feet, making it an ideal wedding or studio portrait lens. Despite using a stepping motor, autofocus still sounded louder than I would like.

RF lenses, in particular, demonstrated impressive low-light performance, and their apertures of f/2 are sufficient for most situations.

With this prime lens, I shot many handheld images with Canon R6, and the background blur produced pleasing images.


  • Quality construction
  • Images that are sharp
  • Performance in low light


  • Loud autofocus can be a problem

2. CANON 28-70MM F/2

With its landscape capabilities, the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L captured my heart. Almost no vignetting occurs in images taken with this lens, which produces sharp images with many details and vivid, natural colors.

This lens is recommended even for photographers who enjoy taking portraits and macro photographs since the subject pops out of the image, and the beautiful background bokeh adds to the visual quality of the image.

The Canon engineers did an exceptional job this time with this lens, as it produced stunning images at all focal lengths.

This lens offers superior image quality compared to all of its wide-angle competitors, and for good reason. As far as auto-focus is concerned, it is fast and quiet, and I did not experience any problems when hunting for the focus.

Additionally, its built quality and design surpass those of others. Its versatility and technical capabilities make it worth its weight and size.

Despite its price, it is a high-quality Canon R6 wide-angle lens that proves to be worth every penny, both professionally and physically.


  • Stunning bokeh
  • Colors that are natural and vivid
  • Images that are stunning


  • Heavy and large

3. CANON 24-240MM F/4-6.3

My impression of Canon RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 is its instant fast focus and the fact that it works so quietly, as well as its zoom range.

For travel photographers or photo enthusiasts needing a quality lens for travel, I recommend this particular RF lens. In terms of its focal length, it offers a broad range of capabilities, which makes it an excellent investment.


There were some minor issues with vignetting at 24 mm. In terms of sharpness, the images were all crisp and tack-sharp, but vignetting was evident in some areas. Compared to the wide-angle end, there are few issues at the telephoto end, and the image is bright with good details and colors.

Some users may feel that the aperture is a bit narrow, but low-light situations won’t be a problem.

The image stabilization performed well even when I was taking handheld photographs. I must commend the lens’ designers for its wide focal range capabilities, as well as its light weight and ease of handling.

For photo enthusiasts and travelers who don’t want to overpack, it is a great all-in-one lens for Canon R6.


  • Astonishing sharpness
  • A razor-sharp image
  • Using image stabilization is a good idea


  • Vignetting can be noticed

4. CANON 600MM F/11

The Canon RF 600mm f/11 is one of my favorite lenses for telephoto shots. My camera helped me capture superb pictures of birds and other wildlife in the woods. Although it was the blue hour, I managed to capture some razor-sharp images!

That should relieve some users’ concerns that this f/11 lens will not be sufficient in low light. When I used this lens for landscape and nature photography, I always got razor-sharp results.

There are lots of good details and crisp lines in the picture, which is more than decent. Its optical image stabilization can correct shake up to five stops, resulting in excellent image quality. As a result, handheld shots will be easy to take.

Dual-layer diffractive optics ensure high picture quality and reduce chromatic aberrations.

A small amount of edge-to-edge vignetting was found, but it could easily be removed in post-production. Considering it is a telephoto lens, the lens is surprisingly easy to hold and use. This product feels nice and neat, and its design is pleasing to the eye.


  • Images with razor-sharp detail
  • Details are important
  • Stabilization of images is excellent


  • Vignetting along edges

5. CANON 35MM F/1.8

L-glass quality without the L-glass price tag. The Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 lens is a 25mm lens that can be used in a variety of situations. It was possible to take razor-sharp images with this lens. The quality of the picture did not suffer even when I opened the aperture to its maximum.

Auto-focus is smooth and silent, and the camera’s microphone does not pick up any sound so videographers can use it effectively. It works well for handheld shots since the image stabilization is quite adequate.

Its control ring works flawlessly, which is another reason to praise the lens. Other lenses are available that are faster.


You can satisfy all your requirements with this macro lens for Canon R6 since it has an extremely shallow depth of field (millimeters) at both minimum and maximum apertures.

Using this lens, I captured tack-sharp images with beautifully blurred backgrounds and soft transitions between in-focus and background subjects. It’s easy to see why this lens is a winner if you count how affordable it is compared to many other macro lenses.


  • The rendering of colors is good
  • Images that are sharp
  • It is a great system for focusing


  • Widest aperture vignetting
Can Canon R6 be used for photography?

In addition to its excellent image quality and high shooting speed, the EOS R6 comes with impressive image stabilization as well. Though it’s not one of the best cameras for stills and videos, it’s one of the best for photographers.

What is the R6’s professional status?

Canon has stated that it “supports filmmakers with new firmware for its professional cameras” in its firmware announcement for the Canon EOS R6. This recognition is noteworthy, if only in terms of its video capabilities.

How should I use the Canon R6?

A full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon, the EOS R6 is designed for enthusiasts who demand high-end performance from their cameras.

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