What are Nakiri Knives Used for?

What are Nakiri Knives Used for

Nakiri knives are a type of Japanese vegetable knife that is designed for cutting vegetables. When it comes to Japanese cuisine, specialty knives are often required. As a result, there … Read more

What Grit for Sharpening Knives?

What grit for Sharpening Knives

Whetstone Grit for Knife Sharpening It is very important to sharpen your knives to ensure they last as long as possible. The only way to keep dull blades from becoming … Read more

Why do some Knives have holes? | 9 Reasons

why do knives have holes (2)

Choosing knives is heavily influenced by the knives’ quality, durability, characteristics, and efficiency. Blades come with a variety of features, including holes, which are more pronounced features. It is not … Read more

What Grit to Sharpen Knives?

What Grit to Sharpen Knives

What is the best grit of sandpaper for sharpening knives? Using sandpaper, you can sharpen a blade between 600 and 800 grit. By creating a bevel, you will be able … Read more