How to Ship a Knife? Which Courier Companies Allowed?

It can be very stressful and uncertain to mail knives due to all of the regulations and rules involved. Mail and shipping services have their own rules, and each one requires you to follow them. USPS, UPS, or FedEx shipping or mailing knives can be quite confusing and overwhelming. How to Ship a Knife, so here’s everything you need to know.

Knives can be shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx. If you wish to ship switchblades or other restricted knives, you may need to obtain special authorization. Ensure that knives are properly packaged and secured before shipping.

You don’t want to damage or lose your knife, so knowing which knives you can and cannot mail can be a little stressful. Once you examine the rules each shipping carrier has for themselves, you will find that there aren’t too many rules and regulations.

Now that we have covered the major shipping carriers, let’s take a look at how a knife can be safely and properly shipped using each.

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Mailing Knives with USPS

How to Ship a Knife with USPS

You can reliably mail your knife using the U.S. Postal Service since it has been in operation for a long time. Using USPS to ship your knife domestically is a great option if you’re shipping it within the country.

USPS accepts which knives for mailing.

Certain types of knives can’t be mailed through the USPS due to various regulations. Knives are divided into two categories according to USPS’s rules: general knives and switchblades.

These two categories are defined by USPS as follows:

  • A knife is any sharp instrument with a sharp point or edge, such as a knife, tool, ice pick, razor blade, stiletto, or similar device.
  • Those with a switchblade knife have a blade that automatically opens through the application of pressure to a button in the handle or through inertia or gravity (Source ).

It is important to follow USPS’s description of a switchblade as the definition varies slightly depending on the person you’re speaking with. Generally, every knife that isn’t a switchblade knife falls into this category.

There is no restriction on the type of knife you can mail with USPS. Because of USPS’s restrictions, switchblade knives cannot be sent or received by civilians via USPS; only government entities and specific organizations are allowed to do so.

For the most up-to-date information about what knives you can mail using USPS, please visit their official website.

Check where you will be sending your package to make sure you can own the knife you’re mailing!

USPS Package Instructions for Mailing Knives

In terms of how you should package your knife before mailing it, USPS gives pretty specific directions. Here are a few tips on how to package your knife in accordance with USPS requirements.

You should ensure that packages containing knives are extremely secure and cannot be easily opened when mailed using USPS. For knives, USPS recommends wrapping them in bubble wrap and then packing them inside a box (such as bubble wrap on the outside, a box on the inside).

Protect people who handle the package as well as the knife inside by adding plenty of cushioning material. The knife should not be able to cut through the packaging material and harm anyone who comes into contact with the package when it is packaged for mailing.

You should not mark your package in any way to indicate its contents, according to USPS. See their website for more information on packaging and marking USPS packages containing knives.

Do you know how good USPS is at mailing knives?

Generally speaking, USPS seems to be a reputable and reliable shipping carrier when it comes to sending knives. In my experience, few people have had problems mailing their knives through USPS, and the service is generally fast, pleasant, and efficient.

Shipments of small parcels, which include most knives, are excellent with USPS. Also, make sure you have your knife insured before shipping in case something goes wrong. Be sure to try it if you want to sleep better at night.

You can ship knives with UPS

UPS started in 1907, so the shipping company has roots dating back over a hundred years. It’s no secret that UPS has been around for quite some time and has a solid reputation for delivering packages.

It’s pretty likely you can ship your knife using UPS no matter where you live, since UPS ships to over 200 countries, nations, and territories.

UPS is capable of shipping which knives?

You must follow some regulations, even though UPS is fairly relaxed about what you can ship. 

You can ship knives using UPS’s services, according to the official UPS website. Knives you ship could, however, violate their restrictions, depending on what they are.

As far as shipping dangerous goods and weapons is concerned, UPS only ships items on a contractual basis. Ultimately, it comes down to whether the knife would be considered a weapon or a dangerous good. It is my opinion that pocket knives should not be classified as dangerous goods or weapons since they are mostly tools. 

Shipping knives with UPS is nothing I haven’t done before, and many others have done the same. 

UPS will not be able to ship knives if they are egregiously scary, large, or intended to be weapons. Furthermore, make sure that the knife you are shipping is legal in the location where it is being shipped.

Please refer to the UPS website for the most up-to-date information regarding what UPS prohibits or only carries out on a contractual basis.

How to Package a Knife to Ship Using UPS

Make sure your knife is packaged carefully when shipping it via UPS to prevent damage or loss.

It is best to wrap your knife tightly or to place it in an interior box, then to place it in a rigid exterior box, and then pack it well with plenty of packing material. Shipping knives requires you to use as much packaging and cushioning material as you think you might need. Err on the side of caution and add more than you think you might need.

An overpackaged knife is better than one that breaks or loses its blade because the packaging was inadequate.

To make sure your package arrives safely and on time, here are a few tips provided by UPS:

  • Make sure the box has flaps so that it is rigid
  • Labels or indicators on the box that don’t pertain to the contents must be removed
  • Separate all items and wrap them securely
  • Shipping items should be cushioned adequately with plenty of material
  • Ensure that your package is securely sealed by using shipping tape
  • Make sure the package is labeled with one clear address label on the outside and one on the inside
  • On the outside label of the package, including all information regarding delivery and return

The UPS packaging guidelines page contains more information on packaging your knife for shipping with UPS.

When it comes to shipping knives, how reliable is UPS?

The cost of UPS for smaller packages can be a little high, but their great tracking features often outweigh the added costs. Generally, UPS customers are pretty happy with the service they receive when shipping knives.

The best way to ensure the safety of your package when you ship knives are to get package protection or insurance.

With FedEx, you can ship knives

FedEx has been providing reliable shipping services since 1973 and is quickly expanding its operations. Currently, FedEx offers services to more than 200 countries, territories, and nations.

Is FedEx available for shipping knives?

As far as what FedEx accepts and won’t accept, they are pretty upfront and straightforward. It shouldn’t be a problem to send any pocket knives or utilitarian knives using FedEx.

It is important to pay attention to two important policies when shipping knives using FedEx:

  • The knife might be considered a dangerous good if it looks very threatening or is very large. FedEx doesn’t ship dangerous goods.
  • Knives that you send must be legal to own in the country they are sent to.

If you want to learn more about what items can be sent by FedEx, check out the official FedEx website. 

FedEx Packaging Instructions for Knives

Using a stiff outer box and plenty of padding material inside is the best way to package knives for FedEx shipping. Before placing your knife in the large box with the cushioning material, keep it in a smaller box or wrap it tightly.

For a knife to remain safe in transit, you should add more cushioning material than you might think. Keeping your knife properly packaged and padded will prevent broken knives at all costs.

 A list of FedEx’s general packaging guidelines is available here.

How Good is FedEx for Shipping Knives?

FedEx is a great and quick shipping company that works wonderfully for shipping knives. While FedEx can sometimes be on the expensive side of things, they are known for their speed and tracking features, which are major pluses when shipping knives.

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