List of Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers in 2023

In this article, you will find our best-recommended List of Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers. Many reputable companies offer quality recurve bows in today’s market. There are many different types of companies within the industry, and each has its own unique story to tell.

We are willing to bet that if you named all the manufacturers of recurve bows out there, you’ll find hundreds of them. But do you know who makes the best recurve bows among them?

Oops! We forgot! You might be asking yourself if you knew that, why wouldn’t you reach this site? Moreover, look for the best recurve bow brands in the first place, wouldn’t you?

Don’t worry, you won’t have any time to accomplish what you came here to do. However, did you know? Here are some recurve bow manufacturers who have proven themselves to be the finest on the market. Here is a look at what they have to offer.

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Top 8 Recurve Bow manufacturers:

Below are some manufacturer names and contact information. By reviewing them all. It will be possible for you to determine which manufacturer is the best. This will allow you to purchase the perfect recurve bow.

1: Martin Archery

Since 1943, Damon Howatt Archery, which produced traditional bows, had been owned by Martin since 1976. To great success, Martin rebranded the Howatt recurve bows and began selling them under their brand.

Martin has produced several incredibly popular recurve bows over the years, but their Jaguar and Saber bows remain, top sellers, even today.

Featuring meticulous craftsmanship and an emphasis on durability, these bows are sure to please.

2: Predator Bows

Ron Pittsley and Mike Hoadley founded the company in the late 1980s. In the beginning, the company focused on manufacturing bow replacement parts.

Eventually, the company began making complete traditional bows as well. The company is best known for its take-down recurve bows, which are of the highest quality.

3: Bear Archery

At the time of its founding, Bear Archery was based in Detroit, Michigan. As part of Detroit’s ever-growing automotive manufacturing scene, the company was originally founded to provide advertising support. 

Fred Bear, the co-founder of the company, was an avid outdoorsman who frequently retreated to the Michigan backwoods for bow hunting trips.

As a result of this love for the woods, Bear hired Boyer, Nels Grumley, in 1938, enabling the company to launch into the archery market.

Known for its high-end recurve bows, Bear Archery has been making them for decades. Models such as the Kodiak and Grizzly are some of the company’s most notable products.

4: Black Widow Bows

One of the most well-known products of this company is its custom-made traditional bows of the highest quality. They provide excellent customer service, and in some cases, you may be able to “test drive” a bow before you purchase it. 

Their bows feature high-quality strings and very durable risers and have what I consider to be some of the most beautiful designs in the world of traditional archery.

 It takes up to 10 weeks for your custom-made recurve bow to be ready and delivered, which gives you an idea of how meticulously they make each bow.

5: Hoyt Archery

The Hoyt Archery Company was founded in 1931 by Earl Hoyt Jr. and Earl Hoyt Sr. Salt Lake City, Utah is the company’s headquarters, though the company was originally based in St. Louis, Missouri.

 Early on, Hoyt produced traditional wooden bows and cedar arrow shafts with considerable success.

Despite this, it was the company’s cutting-edge innovation that thrust it into the spotlight. With the introduction of Dynamic Limb Technology in 1946, Hoyt achieved unprecedented consistency in the balance of the limbs.

In the 1972 Olympics, Team USA archers Doreen Wilbur and John Williams won gold medals using the company’s Pro Medalist recurve bows.

Even though Hoyt has placed a great deal of emphasis on compound archery in the last few decades, they still manufacture a limited range of recurve bows.

There are several top-notch recurve bows available on the market today, but the Buffalo and Game master II stand out as two of the best.

6: The Great Plains

The Great Plains Traditional Bow Company was founded by Bill Forman and is located in Pampa, Texas.

 As someone born in a town once owned by the Comanche and Apache, Bill’s love for traditional archery was influenced by that fact. In addition to his intense involvement in all company affairs.

 Bill is known for the fact that he never sends representatives to shows or meetings, but rather prefers to attend them himself. Their recurve bows are made with love and dedication.

7: PSE Archery

Even though, PSE has not been around as long as some of the other manufacturers on this list. They have more than made up for what they lack in longevity with their quality.

In 1970, Pete Shepley founded Precision Shooting Equipment, which is now headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.

As a company, PSE primarily manufactured archery accessories, such as release aids, and arrow-building components, such as fletchings.

Pete Shepley, however, began focusing his attention on perfecting the compound bow as years passed. Which is where much of the brand’s following is concentrated today.

8: Samick Sports

Although they may not be as popular as other archery bow manufacturers, they should not be overlooked. Among their recurve bows, the Samick Sage is particularly noteworthy – it is often the first choice for aspiring archers for good reason.

9: Southwest Archery

Southwest Archery has been making recurve bows for more than 20 years, beginning as a small shop.

With more than 250 dealers under their wing, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of recurve bows. Whether you are looking for a bow for hunting, bow fishing, recreation, or survival, this brand is sure to have something suitable for your needs. 

Their biggest USP is that they make handcrafted bows from natural materials without charging too much. Additionally, their customer service is of the highest quality.

As far as we are concerned, the Tiger Shark Takedown Recurve Bow is their finest work to date. This bow is made of the finest bow wood that any good recurve bow manufacturer can offer. So, the durability here is sky-high. 

The hard maple limbs and dark fiberglass finish have added some additional points to this bow.

10: Southland Archery

What is the best recurve bow for beginners? You may be missing Southland Archery if that’s the question you are pondering.

Their bows are renowned for being longer and costing less for people of taller heights. However, everyone has their own best creation, and Southland is no exception. What do you think the name will be? Well, it is the SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow.

Its cheaper price and tool-free takedown make it one of the best bows for beginners. The maximum draw weight of this weapon is 34 pounds, which makes it an excellent choice for hunting smaller games.


1: How powerful is the most powerful recurve bow?

As one of the most powerful, and deadly bows in history, the Mongolian recurve bow was immortalized by the Mongols in the 3rd century. On horseback, these bows were known for their pinpoint accuracy at over 500 yards (450+ meters).

2: How can I find a good recurve bow brand?

They are particularly well known for their Martin Jaguar and Martin Saber recurve bows. These bows are extremely popular with beginners and intermediate archers due to their reasonable pricing and extremely durable construction.

3: Which bow is the most accurate?

It is believed that the Bow Tech SR350 is the most accurate recurve bow ever made by any company.


Among the best recurve bow brands, which one would you prefer? You will get the best performance from any one of them, regardless of which one you choose.

 In any case, why would they have been included in the list of the best in the first place if that was the case?

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