What Knives are Illegal in Arizona? Arizona Knife Laws

If you are a knife enthusiast in Arizona, you should let your hair down and break free from your self-imposed restrictions; there are no limitations to your fun here. In the opinion of Knife Up, Arizona has the best knife laws in the country.

As long as you are over the age of 21, you are permitted to carry a knife openly or concealed anywhere in Arizona.

Is Arizona a knife-friendly state?

The possession and use of knives are governed by a few laws in Arizona, although there are hardly any laws regulating everyday knife ownership. Among them are:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement

The Arizona Knife Law Requires Age Restrictions

People under the age of 21 are prohibited from carrying knives that are not pocket knives openly or concealed in Arizona.

A resident of Arizona who is 21 years of age or older is permitted to open or conceal everyday carry (EDC) knives of any type or length within any city in the state.

Knife laws in Arizona are Restricted to Specific Locations

Despite the fact that knives remain illegal in many areas, including schools, it is still illegal to possess one. Hydroelectric and nuclear facilities, as well as the grounds of public events and gatherings, are additional locations where knives are prohibited.

The state of Arizona does not prohibit the open or concealed carrying of knives in any public or private venue. However, private venues have the right to refuse day carry knives into their establishments, but anyone who is at least 21 years of age may openly or concealable carry any knife at any other location.

Dealing with Law Enforcement Regarding Knife Law Restrictions

Lastly, there is a restriction regarding interactions with the police. In Arizona, you must disclose the presence of an EDC knife to a law enforcement officer if you are stopped for any reason and you are in possession of an EDC knife (other than a pocket knife).

By the way, what does a pocket knife do?

It is interesting to note that no legal or definitive definition of a ‘pocket knife’ exists, especially in light of the relatively low severity with which possession of the object is perceived by authorities.

Pocket knives, however, are generally understood as folding knives with blades less than four inches long that are opened by hand.

Using a Knife in the Commission of a Crime

It is still illegal to use a knife to commit another crime. Regardless of the broad interpretation Arizona’s knife laws allow in some areas.

Therefore, while you may carry a knife every day in Arizona, including the Bowie Knife. Which was designed as a ‘fighting knife’ for famed knife duoler Jim Bowie, you may not be permitted to use a knife to commit other illegal acts, such as robbery, harassment, or murder.

Can a knife be used as a weapon in Arizona?

It is stated on the Arizona Weapons and Firearms FAQs on the website of the City of Phoenix: ‘How are knives regulated?’ Are they treated any differently under the law than firearms?”,

The A.R.S. 13-3101 defines a “deadly weapon” as anything designed for lethal purposes. A knife is a cutting instrument with a sharpened or pointed blade. There is no specific mention of knives in the phrase, but it certainly includes firearms. There is no specific mention of knives in the phrase, but it certainly includes firearms. It is generally accepted that knives are tools.”

According to Arizona law, knives are considered tools rather than weapons.

If a knife is used in a lethal crime. An attorney may be able to argue that it is a deadly weapon in some contexts. Get in touch with a respected JacksonWhite criminal defense lawyer right away if you are facing knife-related criminal charges in Arizona.

Does Arizona allow knives of any type?

Knives listed below are legal for possession in any Arizona city over the age of 21:

  • Pocket/Folding Knife
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Switchblade
  • Bowie Knife
  • Machete
  • Sword
  • Knife that opens by force of gravity: Is a folding knife with blades that open as a result of gravity.
  • A dagger is a knife with two sharpened edges.
  • Knives designed for stabbing are called stilettos.
  • Dirk
  • Ballistic Knife

Does everyone in Arizona have the Right to Carry Knives Every Day?

According to Arizona state law, knife laws are lenient in all Arizona cities due to an update in 2011.

A variety of knife laws existed in cities prior to the policy change, causing confusion and resulting in mostly citations for law-abiding individuals.

Arizona’s EDC knife laws are uniform now thanks to a change in A.R.S.-3120 “preempting all local laws.”.

What are the laws regarding open or concealed-carry knives?

There are no knife laws that differ between open carry and concealed carry in Arizona.

Knives of any type or length can be carried openly or concealed by anyone over 21 in Arizona.

What is the national knife law comparison for Arizona?

It is important to note that there can be discrepancies in laws regarding knife possession between states, and often even between cities. Among the lenient states in the country, Arizona certainly has one of the best, alongside Arkansas and a few others. The laws governing EDC knives in the United States also differ from state to state.

  • There is a law in Colorado that prohibits concealing blades longer than 3.5 inches.
  • If you carry a blade over 4 inches, you are breaking the law in Connecticut.
  • Those who wish to conceal knives longer than five inches must obtain a permit.
  • The possession of switchblades is illegal in Louisiana.
  • Stiletto knife concealment is illegal in Michigan.
  • The possession of knives by felons is prohibited in Nebraska.

Did you get charged with a knife-related crime in Arizona?

We can provide expert legal representation in cases involving knives in AZ if you are concerned about the charges you face. As a result of our experience, we’ve been able to obtain successful results for a number of criminal defendants who faced violent and non-violent crimes.

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