Why are Randall Knives so Expensive?

Randall knives are considered by many to be the best knives in the world. Here’s a look at why are Randall knives so expensive. When I came across the Randall knives. Neither Amazon nor the hardware store in my neighborhood sells quality blades for less than $150, so I was surprised. I have no doubt that you experienced the same thing at the time.

I hadn’t given it much attention in the past, but I’ve recently made the decision to investigate why Randall knives are so costly. As well as whether or not they are really worth the price tag.

The metal used in hand-forging is of high quality. Randall knives command a higher price than products from competitors due in part to the Randall brand name.

In addition, Randall knives have developed something of a cult following among collectors. Which has assisted the brand in preserving its position as a premium offering in the market.

Continue reading to learn more about the factors that contribute to the high price of these knives.

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There are six main reasons why Randall knives command a higher price.

It’s possible that I disclosed too much information before but stay with me here since there’s more to the narrative.

After looking through a variety of catalogs produced by the business, and researching the history of the knives. And reading some reviews written by actual customers, here are some points to take into consideration:

1. Each Randall knife is hand-forge

Companies such as Victorinox, which is responsible for manufacturing Swiss Army Knives, Case, and Buck do not get their knives from manufacturing plants located in Asia.

Because they have to pay manufacturing costs, labor costs, and other overhead expenses, their prices have always seemed above average to us.

The fact that each Randall knife must be individually hand-forged contributes significantly to the overall high cost of manufacture.

Randall, in contrast to all these other knife companies, has a craftsman devoted to each of the following:

  • Crafting the knife by hand using the forge;
  • By hand, the grinding of the blade;
  • Hand-polishing the edge of the knife, and
  • The blade is sharpened by hand.

A technique such as this takes more attention to detail than you would receive on a knife that was mass-produced, and this care comes at a cost in and of itself.

2. The principles of supply and demand in economics

Although Randall is aware that its knives are in great demand. The firm will not compromise on the product’s quality in order to satisfy customer demand. Therefore, it is sound business practice to increase the rates to the point where only a select few customers who have a genuine appreciation for the knives will come through and make an order.

The firm can therefore produce knives at a lower cost to reach its profit margins. By concentrating on only one knife, they can maintain their market position while producing a quality product.

If you were curious about how far behind Randall is on meeting customer demand. After an order is placed for some catalog knives, I have heard that it may take five or six years for them to be produced. The knife is not likely to be available for a few dollars at the most.

3. Randall, has a proven track record.

A large part of the premium price that may be charged for antique knives and other collectibles is due to the history that is associated with them. This is why I provide historical context for the knife dating guidelines I write.

The history of the knife is just as fascinating as the tales it tells. Which helps to explain why it fetches such a high price.

For instance, ever since Bo Randall founded the firm in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Aoldiers and other people who work in the military have favored the Randall knives.

These blades have been in a lot of wars, helped save a lot of lives, and won a lot of conflicts throughout the course of their long and illustrious careers. In addition to that, the troops and military operators laud the knives, stating that they are every bit as excellent as they would have anticipated them to be.

When you have such a lengthy history and established reputation behind you, you can almost charge whatever price you desire.

4. The materials used in Randall knives are high-quality mateials

In the section of this article where I describe how to determine how much your knife is worth. I noted how the materials also play a role in determining the price of a knife.

The handle was one of the examples that I provided in the essay that I wrote. If the handle of a knife is made of oak instead of antler, then you shouldn’t expect it to sell as well as a knife with an antler handle. Oak is a cheaper material.

Now, where does Randall get the materials for its handles? A wide array of materials include thick sole leather, stag, ivorite, thuya burl wood, and other rare and exotic woods and woods with burls. These not only give the knives an upscale appearance. But they are also quite comfortable to grasp and simple to use.

When it comes to the blade, the manufacturer uses either 01 high carbon stainless steel or high-grade stainless steel. Neither of these are nickel-based.

They provide you with the option of selecting which of the materials you would want. And they even have a frequently asked questions page on their website that is devoted to assisting you in selecting the most appropriate steel for your requirements.

When you consider that, in addition to the fact that the forging is done by hand. You can understand why they have to charge such a high price to continue producing these knives.

5. The value of the brand name is not to be underestimated

I’m not going to pretend that Randall isn’t making a decent amount of money just off of their name alone while I’m sitting here.

Should I hold it responsible for that? Not one bit. They have shown their commitment to the knife industry by producing some high-quality products, and as a result, they are entitled to reap the rewards of their efforts.

My opinion is that you should still be able to make a decent profit if you decide to collect and sell these knives at a later time.

Some of the world’s most extreme operators have put these knives through their paces in war. These customers said that the knives passed all of their tests. Hence why the manufacturer wants to capitalize on its brilliance and be proud of its work. I am sure you can understand why.

If you took out a regular knife, people may not look twice at you. But bringing out your Randall that was displayed in a gorgeous glass case would draw a lot of attention to itself.

6. Made in the USA, Randall knives

Anything that is created in the United States is certain to cost even a little bit more than the same if it were made elsewhere in the world.

Consumers who desire lower prices argue that goods made in the United States should not have to be shipped from elsewhere or be subjected to import duties, which would lead to higher prices.

I used to believe the same thing, but there are many aspects to this situation that you are ignoring.

Take, for instance:

  • The United States outperforms the majority of Asian nations when it comes to the rates and earnings paid for work. This enables firms to recruit workers with more expertise than if they had relocated abroad. The result is that you are also paying for the more skilled labor used in the manufacture of the product.
  • I have observed certain things that have been transported from abroad that almost appear to have been produced without any quality control. In spite of the fact that it occurs occasionally in the United States. The likelihood of anything like that occurring here is rather low.
  • Materials must meet certain standards in the United States to manufacture items. Producing the highest-quality materials within their budgetary constraints is the key to earning the made-in-USA label. Wouldn’t you rather spend more on a reliable, tested, and used material?
  • This is not a financial expert breakdown of the additional overhead costs these organizations receive for their operations. Overhead expenditures include taxes and costs. It is true that some taxes have to be paid and certain operating expenses have to be borne that they would not otherwise incur. Despite the fact that such dues are necessary to provide you with quality service, they must be paid.

There are probably quite a few more factors that contribute to the relatively high prices of items created in the United States. However, the guidelines that were presented before are a solid place to begin.

If You Want a Randall Knife, Do You Have to Wait Years to Get One?

If you go to the official Randall website. You will learn that the typical wait period for a knife is five years. This information is available on the website. To ensure that everyone gets a knife, they have limited the number of purchases to one per household every three months.

The following factors contribute to the lengthy wait time:

  • Having an accumulated backlog of orders from dealers, which they are now working to fulfill
  • Forging each knife by hand, which prevents them from being produced in vast quantities
  • Keeping on hand just a select group of high-quality artisans who are experts in their field
  • Alterations to the blade that you might make according to your preferences.

Therefore, if you are willing to choose almost any Randall knife. You may contact them now and they will have your knife sent out either today or tomorrow, depending on which day you call them.

However, if you start customizing the sort of blade finish, core steel, handle material, and catalog option that you want. You may have to wait that long before a bladesmith can start manufacturing that blade for you.

Should You Purchase a Knife by Randall?

You are the only one who can determine how to proceed with this matter.

I believe the Randall knives have a nice appearance. When you take them in your hands, they seem to have the perfect weight and balance. I am also aware that they are an American company that places a premium on quality and attention to detail in all of their products.

On the other hand, you could not understand why someone would spend that much on a knife, which is not necessarily a negative thing to think about.

It’s possible that at some point in the future. You may realize what you’ve been missing out on and decide to make an order for your very own copy. Even if you are a collector of knives, there is a chance that you may never feel the need to purchase a Randall.

As I’ve said before, all of these factors come down to individual preferences, and I wouldn’t allow people put too much pressure on you to make a decision about it.

If there is one piece of advice that I could give you, it would be to cultivate a relationship with a Randall dealer or make a swift decision in order to cut down on the length of time that you will have to wait for one if you ever make the decision to purchase one.

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