6 Best Gimbal for iPhone 13 in 2023 Reviews

We analyzed over 25 iPhone gimbals before buying the top six for head-to-head comparisons. Videographers and analysts from our internal team rigorously tested each device.

Each model was inspected, tested, and analyzed over several weeks, their features and capabilities analyzed, and their filming stability compared. Upon review, it became evident which models were best for certain applications, which models offered the best value, and which models were simply the best overall.

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Which iPhone Gimbal Is Best For Filmmaking?

I have compiled a list of my five favorite iPhone gimbals for filmmaking:-

1. DJI OM 5: (best lightweight gimbal for iPhone)

It has made taking selfies and videos super-smooth with the DJI OM 5 gimbal.

During branding and behind-the-scenes shoots, I have used this gimbal for iPhone.

My DJI OM 5 allows me to take selfies with more friends.

Furthermore, it allows me to film my pets from a lower angle with greater comfort.

YouTube, live streaming, and vlogging are made easy with this crafty gimbal stabilizer.

The DJI OM 5 gimbal stabilizer has proven to be very effective for new users, as I have experienced, so I talked about my experience with the device.

In addition, I have recorded videos using the extension rod at more creative angles.


A versatile and compact device:

In addition to being portable and palm-sized, the DJI OM 5 is also an excellent option for enhancing the capabilities of your iPhone.

You do not need to balance or calibrate the gimbal before mounting your smartphone.

Despite the rubber coating on the clamp, your iPhone stays secure, and the flexible design makes mounting your phone easy.

Three-axis gimbal for iPhone:

DJI OM 5 maintains stability even when used with an external lens attached.

In spite of rapid movement, DJI OM 5 maintains excellent tracking stability and responsiveness.

You can also focus on your surroundings when using this small smartphone gimbal since it provides smoother camera movements and consistent tracking.

Guides to shots:

As part of the OM series, a new feature recognizes your environment and offers suggestions for shot sequences and quick video tips.

As well as generating short videos from what you just shot, it also suggests templates based on what you just shot.

What makes it the best?

There are no limitations when it comes to capturing creative moments with the DJI OM 5, which boasts a wide range of shooting modes.

In addition, it features the following features: clone-me pano, story mode, dynamic zoom, timelapse, and spin shot.


With DJI OM 5, you can have your phone stay where it needs to be even when you move dynamically or use a larger smartphone.

Any adventure can be quickly completed with it.

First time in a DSLR, the camera also features a built-in extension rod, so you can include more friends in a selfie or get a slightly different perspective on the footage.


  • 290 grams item weight
  • Dimensions of item: 4.37 x 3.63 x 10.41
  • 614 grams is the maximum weight
  • Cellphones that are compatible
  • Torque is strong
  • Clamp for magnetic phones
  • Rod extension 8.5″
  • Story Mode for SpinShot
  • A follow mode and a sport mode
  • Provides support for smartphones with a width of up to 3.3 inches
  • Time-lapse, Hyperlapse, and Panorama modes are available
  • With DJI Mimo, you can control your phone


  • Folding arm that is cumbersome

2. Zhiyun Smooth 4: (best filmmaking gimbal for iPhone)

A professional filmmaking camera is now available for my iPhone with the Zhiyun Smooth 4.

My iPhone enables me to capture steady and smooth footage of any event.

My iPhone and stabilizer can be controlled directly by hot-key buttons instead of touching the screen.

The gimbal was purchased so that I could make my own short films with just my phone.

It works with all phones and is a great tool for hand stabilization.


Focus pull and zoom capabilities:

Smooth 4 provides an outstanding level of smooth operation with its more professional and delicate handwheel.

Zooming in and out can also be used for close-up shots.

Pressing the FN switch button configures the handwheel into a focus puller, enabling you to make accurate focus changes in real-time.

Scene transitions in real-time using PhoneGo mode:

As if it were a high-end sports car, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 can instantly enter PhoneGo mode and unleash its power.

Every delicate movement can be detected instantly without the risk of missing a shot.

You can also achieve significant scene transitions without post-processing.

Tracking objects:

It is possible to track objects more precisely using Smooth Four, including, but not limited to, faces.

By using the screen, you can frame your subject, and the stabilizer will take care of the rest.

Shooting has never been easier than it is with Smooth Four.

Charging with two-way power:

12 hours of continuous use with Smooth Four.

Power left in the battery is shown by the battery indicator.

Your phone can be directly charged during shooting.

Battery life is long enough to shoot video all day.

Both ends of the cable can be charged using the Type-C charging port.

What makes it the best?

Designed to work with all sizes of phones, Smooth 4 has significantly increased motor power.

By connecting the USB port on the tilt axis to a portable power source, the stabilizer can charge the phone.

Charging in both directions at the same time ensures that the battery lasts the longest possible.


Several accessories can be used with Smooth Four, including an LED light and a camera lens.

Adaptable to various environments, Zhiyun Smooth 4 makes it possible to capture any of life’s moments with your phone camera.


  • A Product Dimension of 4.84 x 4.13 x 12.91 inches is provided
  • Cellphones that are compatible
  • 210 grams is the maximum weight
  • The item weighs 0.5 kilograms
  • Stabilizing images
  • Quiet and responsive
  • Modes of video recording
  • The gimbal can easily be adjusted to record.


  • Amount
  • It does not have a joystick

3. MAGAZ Mini-S (best iPhone gimbal)

I was able to increase the production value of the video by using this gimbal with my iPhone 13 pro.

By using it, I can capture a larger variety of images and be more imaginative.

In a short period of time, I have been able to visit multiple locations with this Moza Mini-S.

I was able to capture stunning sunrises and sunsets with the Moza Mini-S, as well as blossoming flowers, beautiful swirling stars, and stunning sunrises and sunsets.

In addition, it allows me to create footage that is unique to my clients’ imaginations.


Shooting modes that fold and are innovative:

You won’t waste valuable storage space storing and transporting Moza Mini-S.

A variety of shooting modes are available through this program, including Hyperlapse, Slow Motion, Sports Gear, Vertigo, and Inception.

In the gimbal, the lithium-ion battery will last up to eight hours.

It features three-axis gimbal control, one-button zoom, and quick playback control, as well as a 270° pan, 200° tilt, and 315° roll range.

In portrait mode, rotate the Mini-S for live streaming or selfies.

Simple and quick mounting:

Through its no-tool adjustment algorithm, the 3SXes can be quickly mounted and balanced without the need for much intervention, saving you both time and effort during filming.

A three-axis gimbal provides greater stability than a two-axis gimbal.

What makes it the best?

The MOZA Mini-S provides visual creativity, engagement, and enjoyment when paired with the MOZA Genie APP.

It is possible to track, capture, and record any fast or slow movement or object using several follow modes.

Different follow modes can be switched quickly by using the trigger keys.


Your operation will be smoother when you use Moza Mini-S.

You can use the handle of the gimbal to control the camera of your phone when live streaming.


  • 3 hours for charging
  • The item weighs 420 grams
  • 7 x 5 x 2 inches; Dimensions
  • Cellphones that are compatible
  • 5 inches by 2.68 inches by 7.68 inches when folded
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Up to 9.2-inch smartphones are supported
  • Supports smartphones up to 2.28 inches in width
  • Folds to a height of 7.7″
  • Smartphone app for Moza Genie
  • 315° Roll/270° Pan/200° Tilt
  • Battery life is approximately 8 hours
  • Portrait & Object Tracking
  • Detects hyper lapse, slow motions, and vertigos
  • Additional modes, inception, and sports gear
  • Mini tripod, Micro-USB, and control cables


  • A cheaply built product
  • An insufficient battery life

4. A cheap gimbal for iPhone: Zhiyun Smooth 5

Since the iPhone’s camera is so good, I decided to start vlogging.

My Zhiyun Smooth 5 was purchased as a result.

I used it to take selfies and record YouTube videos and it worked well.

Moreover, it’s too small to be useful when filming ahead, which appears to be the case with this particular gimbal.

With an abundance of physical controls, you can adjust the Zhiyun Smooth 5 in any way you like.


A structure that is stable:

There is a new motor algorithm that helps the Zhiyun Smooth 5 film from a wider angle and covers a greater range with its 3-axis stable structure.

Moreover, the motor structure has been optimized and the phone clamp has been thickened to accommodate all smartphone models.

Filming with large phones is easier with its more comprehensive axis arms.

Switching between modes is quick.

Performance-driven motors:

A wider phone clamp and professional magnetic steel motors make filmmaking safer and easier.

In addition to wide-angle, telephoto, fisheye, and macro lenses, it also supports wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Shake-proof expert:

Smartphone gimbals deliver high-definition anti-shake performance without cropping or compromising the video quality of a smartphone as is the case with other anti-shake solutions.

Gimbals enable cinematic and creative video movements, enabling users to make films on their smartphones like they would in a movie theater.

What makes it the best?

Two 5500k step-less-dimming fill lights can be mounted on each side of the upgraded phone clamp.

A fill light can be installed on either side of the phone clamp.

Color filters are used to filter the light.

Under normal conditions, the battery life can range from up to 25 hours with fast charge support.


A 3-axis design makes packing easier and provides movement in low and wide angles, as well as a smaller footprint.


  • Cellphones that are compatible
  • The item weighs 615 grams
  • Measures 12.2 x 6.3 x 2.05 inches
  • The extremes
  • Standard 3-axis gimbal
  • Motors with magnetic steel
  • Productivity
  • Powerful motors
  • Shake-proof


  • An awkward plastic strip covers the charging port

5. Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q3

My case and gimbal can easily be taken anywhere with their shrink design.

The selfie stick makes it more versatile, and it is just as easy to hold.

Among the iPhone gimbals I prefer, the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q3 has many physical controls and offers many pro features.

There is a lower price for the Zhiyun Smooth Q3.


Control by gestures:

The shooting can be controlled with a single gesture, allowing you to be yourself at any time.

As a result of SmartFollow 3.0, subjects are transformed.

Make sure you remain the center of attention at all times.

The SmartFollow 3.0 App allows you to activate it with a single tap.

Zoom in wide:

This filmmaking-inspired zoom shot adds the perfect touch of filmmaking.

The ultra-wide-angle lens is ideal for large landscape shots and low-angle shots.

This 3-axis gimbal provides a smooth, stabilized image thanks to its super-smooth operation.

You’re guaranteed brighter from every angle with the rotatable fill light with three brightness levels.

What makes it the best?

Due to its sleek design, it is easily portable.

For up to 10 hours, the device can be powered by its 1500 mAh battery.

Vloggers who travel long distances will find this device ideal for continuous filming.


Your footage can be addressed with numerous filters.

The iPhone allows you to create vibrant, dynamic, and stunning visuals in a matter of seconds.

A single tap is all it takes to switch between portrait and landscape modes.

The whole world is at your fingertips as you move and operate.

Enhanced gimbal status checking, adjustment, and camera parameter changing capabilities are enhanced by a restyled round-cap joystick, improved control panel, and improved adjustment wheel.


  • Cellphones and cameras are compatible
  • 340 Grams in weight
  • Measurements of the item: 6.06 x 1.77 x 7.09 in.
  • 0.28 kilos maximum weight


  • Zooming stutters
  • Handle is small

6. DJI OM 4: (best gimbal for iPhone Promax)

It is easy for me to take photographs of fluffy white clouds moving across an open sky with the DJI OM 4 gimbal or to condense a road trip into a few short moments with the DJI OM 4.

Video captures the beauty of life’s moments.

My friends were impressed with the short and engrossing videos produced by the DJI OM4.

As a result, I was able to automatically adjust your positioning based on your movements.

It works seamlessly with my iPhone and has buttery-smooth footage. I love it.

I was able to simplify every situation when it came to shooting with it.

It was also easier to take low-angle shots with this gimbal.



While using the magnetic phone clamp, your smartphone will remain secure since it’s extremely thin and lightweight.

OM 4’s magnetic ring holder can be used as a kickstand or to secure your smartphone.

ActiveTrack 3.0 makes it easy to follow the subject.

The joystick allows you to fine-tune image composition, and it recognizes adults, children, and pets more accurately.

DJI OM 4 smartphone gimbal stabilizer won’t let you post another shaky video.

Quick and easy attachments:

Smooth video recording on the go is possible with the DJI OM 4 gimbal stabilizer connected to your iPhone in seconds.

When inspiration strikes, you can capture smooth and creative footage with this smartphone gimbal stabilizer with a magnetic design.

Creative templates:

Make stunning videos quickly by using creative templates.

With the DJI OM 4, your smartphone can be used to capture cinematic-quality footage even when an external lens is attached.

Why is it best?

For super convenient recording anywhere, you can control the DJI OM 4 gimbal stabilizer with simple gestures.

From taking a selfie to starting a video recording, the DJI OM 4 gives you complete control.

Furthermore, every situation is simplified to streamline the shooting experience.


A foldable stabilizer, the DJI OM 4, enables you to record immediately with your smartphone.

With its magnetic design, ultra-compact size, and simple features, the DJI OM 4 is the ultimate camera for sharing your world.


  • Cellphones that are compatible
  • The item weighs 424 grams
  • Measures 6.42 x 3.9 x 1.81 inches
  • Design with magnets
  • Foldable and portable
  • Mode Story
  • Control by gestures
  • Version 3.0 of ActiveTrack
  • Rolling quick
  • Modes for intelligent shooting


  • Some phones don’t work well with clamps
  • There is no way to remove or replace the battery


This concludes our discussion of gimbals today.

Have you guys ever used one of these gimbals? Can you tell me what you think of them?

Which iPhone gimbal do you recommend for filmmaking?

Have I missed any gimbals you adore?

Please let us know what you think and what you think about this.

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