How to Store Japanese Knives?

A perfect Japanese knife set is a worthwhile investment. You will be able to choose from a variety of quality knives. In addition to increasing your performance, it will meet all of your kitchen’s needs and requirements. The use of a specific knife for every task will make you more comfortable. 

 However, investing alone is not enough. To get the most out of your investment, you must take care of these knives properly. Otherwise, there is a great chance of losing your investment. That is why the storage of these knives is equally important. So, How to Store Japanese Knives will be our focal point to discuss. 

Here we have three methods of storing Japanese knife sets to protect their blades and more importantly edges. Though every brand claims a lifetime warranty still some factors can damage Japanese knives. So, let’s discuss everything in detail.

3 Methods for Storing Japanese knives

Method 1: Storing Japanese Knives

One of the most effective ways to store Japanese Knives without causing any damage to them is the knife block. These blocks are quite versatile and available in different shapes and designs. The main purpose of these blocks is to store Japanese knives providing safety but they are beautiful decoration items too. 

It is easy to move them around safely. You can place these blocks near your workstation too. So, overall a good choice for the protection of knives. 

A knife set has several knives for different purposes. The Chef knife is the most effective and large one of a set. Placing a chef’s knife in a block needs more care due to its importance. A classical knife block is a good option for this purpose. Most of the time, it is included in the package but you can buy your own as well.

These blocks are great alternatives to knife racks. They suspend the blade by its handle to protect the sharp edge. The universal knife blocks are of great use. You can use it for things other than knives. But make sure it could be applicable too. Otherwise, there is a fair chance of damaging the block.

On the downside of the product; we warn you to use these traditional and modern blocks with a lot of care to avoid any damage. Sometimes carelessness leads to damage to the sharp edge of a knife. 

Then how to use it. This is important to know how a user can use these blocks to make sure safety and protection of knives. 

  • When inserting Japanese knives into a knife block make sure that sharp edges do not press against the wall of the slot. Always press the blunt side of a knife against the wall.
  • Avoid dragging while removing a knife

So, this is all about the knife blocks for any kind of knife whether they are Japanese style or European style. It is a good knife protective tool as well as a nice decoration piece.

Method 2: Knife Drawer

This is another important method for protecting Japanese knives for longer. Let’s see how one can protect his/her knives using Knife Drawers.

This knife-protecting method requires space. If you have enough space you can use this method to protect your costly Japanese knives from damage.

The important thing about the knife drawer is that it provides a separate slot for every knife that you want to place in it. It is a secret way to protect your knives. 

This is the safest way to keep your knife out of reach of others, especially children. You can put up to 7 or more knives in a drawer which is enough for most cases nut sometimes we have a set of knives over a dozen which will require another drawer. This might create a serious space problem. So, please keep that in mind before going for it.

You can’t move drawers freely because they are stationary. So, you have to switch off your working if the drawer is away from the workstation. This is another drawback of these knife drawers.

Method 3: Knife Racks

The most effective way to store your Japanese Knives is to display them on a Knife Magnetic Rack. Let’s how it works and how you will get benefits from it.

You can easily and elegantly organize your workspace with magnetic knife racks. They provide an attractive way to display your prized cutlery, and their seamless flat design makes them an ideal accent piece for your kitchen.

These knife racks work magnificently well in a professional kitchen. The first thing is that children have limited access to a professional kitchen that allows you to display all kinds of knives you have in the house. Secondly, it becomes easier to pick the knife you want because all the knives are displayed as completely visible. 

Using a knife drawer or blocks you have to check every knife by pulling it out to check whether you need this one or not. So, it is a hectic process to follow. To get rid of these old ways of storing knives, order a knife rack now.

This is an ideal option for small kitchens where you do not have space to place every other kitchen object. So, it will help you maximize your kitchen space by placing the magnetic rack on an unused wall. Perfect professional kitchen equipment with a pretty look. 

You can place it in an empty space on your kitchen wall. It can be above your stove, under the cabinets, backsplash, or on the side of the fridge. But make sure that these places are within your reach and you don’t have to struggle a lot to pick a knife.

Make sure that you have enough space above and below the knife rack. This will make things easier. Placing a large or small knife will not be an issue. It is also good from a safety point of view because children will not reach knives with ease.

Always prefer quality over money. Make sure to invest in a product that offers a powerful magnet and perfect wood quality. People sometimes use prefer money over quality which makes them pay more. So, ensure the that knife rack you are going to buy has a powerful magnet and quality wood.

These days in kitchens people use stainless steel knife racks for protecting and storing Japanese knives. But this is not a good practice. Metal-on-metal can leave scratches which we don’t want. We want to avoid scratches so that our knives stay longer. That is why it is recommended to choose wooden magnetic racks for your set of knives.

Knife racks are also perfect for knife edge retention. Only the flat part of the blade comes in contact with the magnetic rack because Japanese knife edges are slightly angeled that is why edges do not come in direct contact with the rack. So, edge and blade retention is optimum using this method.

Tips Corner:

The spine of the blade should be the first point of contact when placing your knife on the rack. The blade should be gently rolled sideways once placed on the rack. As a result, there is less chance of chipping the knife edge against the rack, and the knife edge will remain sharp for a longer period of time.

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How to store Japanese Knives is really easy. All you have to do is follow the steps that are mentioned above. If you want to avoid children’s involvement then Knife Drawer is the perfect way to store Japanese knife sets.

If you want a portable knife solution for storing the knife blocks will be a good choice for you. This is a perfect decoration piece. That can be placed anywhere.

For those who are relatively small or have professional kitchens, Knife Racks will be a perfect pick for them. It utilizes very less space, in fact, it has nothing to do with the space. You can put it on the wall.


How to Store Japanese Knives?

There are many ways you can store Japanese Knives but the following ways are the most common ones.

  • Knife Blocks
  • Knife Racks
  • Knife Drawers

How do you store a knife when not in use?

You can use any of the ways that are mentioned in the post to look at the size of your kitchen.

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