Outdoor Edge Knives: Where and How are they made?

It is important to distinguish between an outdoor knife and an indoor knife if you are passionate about knives. There is no comparison between the design and functionality of these two types of knives.

 On the other hand, each one of them was developed to do a certain task. Which the other may not be able to do very well. The production of outdoor knives. In the current state of our business. We are focused on making outdoor knives, which has been a core focus for years.

You have arrived to the proper location if you have long had the desire to get one for your own use.

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What exactly are these knives called?

The firm known as Outdoor Edge is dedicated to producing outdoor knives in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Having a deep love for knives, David Bloch launched a company in 1986 to create the outdoor knife of his dreams.This dream led to the establishment of the firm that bears his name.

This was only a side project at first. But then it took off and became one of the most successful knife companies in the whole world. The firm has a very amazing knife inventory that includes goods that have even received honors over the years. Despite competition from new upstarts who are aiming for a piece of the industry. The company continues to do well in the market.

The Outdoor Edge line includes a wide variety of knives designed for use in the great outdoors. Including hunting knives, fishing knives, utility knives, daily carry knives, tactical knives, and many more. In the meanwhile, the firm is building up its supply of knife accessories. And maintenance equipment in order to provide customers with everything they want from a single source.

How They are Made?

The forging process that is utilized during the production of an Outdoor Edge knife is identical to the conventional forging process that is utilized during the production of other types of knives. The following is a synopsis of the events that take place from the beginning to the end.


The initial step in the production process begins with a piece of metal known as a blank. Which is then used to begin shaping the blade. The blade of the knife is often made from a substantial sheet of metal of various types. Which serves as its foundation. This step also marks the beginning of the punching and cutting procedure. Which is carried out with the assistance of a machine that carves the blade into the form that is needed.

Hardening Process

The next step is the hardening process. Which involves applying heat to the blade in order to increase its tensile strength and elasticity. It is a very significant technique that makes use of heat treatment to make certain that brittleness is reduced in order to provide the blade with a longer shelf-life. The heat treatment often includes temperatures that may be as high as 870 degrees Celsius and can sometimes even go higher.


Polishing is the part of the process when the blade is sharpened and polished to give it the appearance of a finished blade, which is something that most people are acquainted with.

This may be accomplished with a specific piece of machinery or by hand. And it entails the removal of small layers until what is left is a blade that is polished and has a clean edge that has been sharpened. The grinders eliminate any superfluous metal by slicing off any unnecessary pieces, leaving just those that are necessary for the required weight.


Honing is the process in which the sharpened edge is further honed to give it a more dependable construction. Which assures that it will remain sharp for a much longer period of time without requiring any further sharpening. This is a procedure that must be carried out manually by a group of trained professionals who are capable of achieving the desired angle.

The angle should be between 17 and 30 degrees on average. And the joining must be done using the appropriate oils and stones. The angle should be between 17 and 30 degrees on average. After finishing this procedure, the blade will be very sharp. Thus, it must be handled with particular care so that it does not get damaged.


In this step of the assembly process. The rest of the knife is positioned over the blade in preparation for use. In the case of a blade that is fixed. This would be from the handle, the securing fittings, and the sheath. Additionally, all engravings are put to the blade at this stage of the process. This may be whatever the consumer may desire, from the official Outdoor Edge brand to anything else, if they have made a bespoke order. This can vary from the official Outdoor Edge brand.

Quality Control

All knives that go through the assembly process are subjected to a quality control test to ensure they operate as intended and to prevent injury to the end user in the event of manufacturing errors.

The blade was put through a series of tests. Including ones in which it was exposed to high pressures and in which it was loaded heavily at various locations along its length. There were also numerous more tests. Any blade that is not successful in passing the inspection is set aside and will be remelted for use in another batch.

The Prospects for the Development of Outdoor Edge Knives

The number of inventive knives that the firm produces each year is one indication that the future holds a lot of promise for the Outdoor Edge brand, which enjoys continuous year-over-year expansion and for which the outlook is optimistic. 

The firm has assured that it will always be one step ahead of the competition by investing in research and development as well as technology. This is a very crucial quality that is required in order to be successful in the knife industry because of how competitive it is.

Demand for Outdoor Edge knives has historically been rather strong. And analysts anticipate that this trend will continue far into the foreseeable future.


There are a lot of fantastic outdoor knife manufacturers out there. And picking the one that is most suited to your requirements might be a bit difficult due to the fact that all of them promise paradise, but their goods never live up to their claims. 

Check out our website (Shieldon, a knife manufacturer) and go through the extensive informational resources in advance if you are looking for a good outdoor knife and would like to know what to keep in mind before making that final decision. If this describes your situation, you should be looking for a proper outdoor knife.

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