Why do Knives have Holes ? Reasons & Facts

7 Reasons that Pocket Knives have Holes in their Blade

For those of you who have been working with knives for a little while, you have probably seen knives that have a hole in the blade and wondered why it is present. My own personal opinion is that I have wondered the same thing for quite some time, and I have finally taken some time to carry out some research.

What are the reasons for the holes in pocket knives? An example of how a knife company might choose to put a hole in the blade of their pocket knives would be to take away some of the weight of the knife by using the hole to replace the thumb stud used to open the knife, as well as to help distinguish their pocket knives from other ones in their series.

More research revealed that knife companies have several good reasons to drill holes in their pocket knives’ blades.

Pocket knives have holes in their blades for several reasons

I will give you an overview of what I found to be seven main practical reasons for pocket knives to have holes through their blades you need to know. There are a number of different reasons why some pocket knives have holes in the blades of their blades that are quite amazing and unique.

It is true that not every pocket knife has holes in the side, but after so much research and time thinking about this, I can attest that there are quite a few benefits to having holes in the side of a pocket knife.

There are several advantages to this design choice and it is a choice that provides more pros than cons, and it is one that makes your pocket knife stand out in both a stylish and positive way from the pack.

1. Reduce Weight

Although it might seem obvious, knives that are constructed from more material are naturally heavier. An occasional hole in the blade might not seem like too much, but the blade material is one of the heavier parts of the knife, thus any reduction in the amount of this material will lead to a pretty substantial reduction in weight.

2. Reduce Friction

I am sure that you have noticed when you’re looking at some high-end chef knives or cheese knives that they often have holes in the blade of their knives. Basically, what this technique consists of is that some of the blade material is removed from the knife blade in order to reduce friction created between the blade and the material being cut. 

Many pocket knives have holes in their blades that are similar to this concept. Even if you were not going to cut through something that was dense and thicker than the knife blade, it wouldn’t matter if there were holes in the blade, as they are there just in case the need arises.

3. Opening

In the past few years, the hole in a pocket knife’s blade that acts as a thumb stud has gained popularity thanks to Spyderco, a company that produces high-quality knives.

In order to be able to open a pocket knife with a hole in the blade instead of a thumb stud you have to use one hand to open the knife; there is no part of the blade that sticks out and will interfere with the flow of cutting and using the knife.

4. Hanging

A hole in the blade of some pocket knives is not a common place to use, but if there is a hole in the blade, it can be used for hanging on the wall or attaching a cord for easy carrying a knife on the wall by the hole in the blade is commonly done with butcher knives, but can be done with pocket knives as well. 

5. Aesthetics

Hole-punched pocket knives add a stylish appearance to many knife designs. Traditionally, a hole on the blade of a pocket knife serves as not only a functional part of the tool that makes it lighter and easier to use, but it can also serve as a bold fashion statement.

6. Brand Recognition

Those who are familiar with Spyderco knives will recognize them as some very iconic models that feature a patented hole in the blade of the pocket knife. The moment someone who has been handling knives for a little while sees a hole in the blade, the first thing that comes to their mind is Spyderco, usually.

The idea of having a hole in the blade of a pocket knife has caught the attention of other brands, which have incorporated this feature into many of their designs. Nevertheless, the idea of a hole in the blade of a knife is widely recognized as one of the things that make Spyderco knives unique.

7. Versatility

There are plenty of potential uses for a pocket knife blade with a hole in it that are not commonly considered. Pocket knives can be attached to a stick with a hole in the blade and used as primitive hunting spears. Imagination is the limit when it comes to possibilities.

What are the Drawbacks of a Pocket Knife with a Hole in the Blade?

Due to the discussion that we’ve had in this blog post about the reasons why a pocket knife would have a hole in its blade, I think it would be fitting to consider whether or not having a hole in a pocket knife has any downsides.

As far as practical concerns about holes in a pocket knife’s blade are concerned, there is only one main issue to consider: the durability and structural integrity of the blade.

When you look at lower-quality knives with holes in the blade, this isn’t even an issue, but when it comes to lower-quality knives, it becomes a concern. It is possible that the whole blade may weaken if the hole is too large, and it is also possible that it might crack or split if it is oversized.

The material that is directly above the hole on the spine of the knife is susceptible to becoming weak if the hole in the blade is too close to the spine or to the back of the blade.

Whenever the back of the knife is hit or pressure is applied, a portion of the hole may collapse if that part of hole becomes too weak and gives way.

Having a hole in the blade of the knife is not a problem if the knife is made well and of high quality.

Is a Hole in the Blade on a Pocket Knife Actually Worth It?

You are the only person who can really answer this question. If you want a hole in your pocket knife, it depends on what you intend to do with it and whether or not you like the look of it.

I recommend getting a knife with a solid blade if you intend to use it intensively for survival or other activities.

In the event that you only plan to carry your pocket knife around with you and use it around the house on an everyday basis, then there would be no reason to steer clear of a hole within the blade of your pocket knife.

Having a knife with a hole in the blade really appeals to me because of its unique design and versatility. Obviously, you cannot go wrong with a high-quality knife as long as it is made of durable material. However, many of the high-quality knives that have holes in the blades come at a quite high price, so it really does depend on the personal preferences of each individual.


Knives with holes in the blade have many benefits and use. This style of pocket knife has so many practical advantages and is so stylish, so there is no reason not to like it.

Although a knife without a hole in the blade is an awesome tool that can do many things, a knife with a hole in the blade can do nearly everything that a standard knife can. Knives with holes in the blade make them lighter, easier to open, and easier to use. They also stand out from the crowd. Wouldn’t that be great?

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