7 Best Chef’s Knives Under $50 in 2023

It is true that you can purchase exceptional Best Chef’s Knives Under $50.

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Chef’s knives are multifunctional, and capable of cutting, dicing, chopping, and smashing. This knife can be used for approximately 95% of your kitchen knife needs, so taking the time to find the perfect knife is always worthwhile.

The chef’s knife can be a very expensive knife. However, since they are such an important object, much attention has been paid to forged very high-quality, specialized chef’s knives, perfectly shaped for comfort and with a razor-sharp edge. A good chef’s knife is likely to cost more than $100.

Nevertheless, there are those of us who desire more value. The best chef’s knives are expensive, but they are of excellent quality and have been crafted with utmost precision. In any case, is it necessary for us to spend so much on a chef’s knife of such high quality, or are there alternatives that offer the same quality for a lower price?

In the following article I will discuss a number of excellent chef’s knives that are all under $50. You will find some big-name brands on this list that produce some of the world’s finest knives. I am confident that you will be able to discover a knife that is perfect for you at a very reasonable price.

I recommend the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8-Inch Chef’s Knife at a price of $50 as the best chef’s knife. You may pay just a few bucks over $50, depending on whether the item is on offer or not, but what you get is a knife that is well-built, using materials typically found in knives costing twice as much.

What are the best chef’s knives available for less than $50?

I have compiled a list of my recommendations for good chef’s knives under $50.

You can read more about each knife by scrolling down.

Name PriceCheck current price
Chef’s Knife Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8 Inches (my top pick)$50Link to Amazon
Infinity Comfort-Pro Series, Elite$20 – $30Link to Amazon
Knife, the J.A. Henckels International Statement$30 – $40Link to Amazon
Chef’s Knife for Mercer Culinary Renaissance$40 – $50Link to Amazon
Culinary Knife, Mercer Culinary Genesis$30 – $40Link to Amazon
The most stylish knife from Victorinox is the Rosewood Chef’s Knife$40 – $50Link to Amazon
Pro Kitchen Knife from Mad Shark
$20 – $30Link to Amazon

As well as the knife, you may choose to invest in some maintenance tools to keep it well-honed and sharp, so if you are interested in that, scroll to the bottom of the article.

1. Chef’s Knife in the Dalstrong Gladiator Series, 8-inches


DALSTRONG Gladiator Series 8″ Chef Knife

Bundled with 3.5″ Paring Knife

The Dalstrong Gladiator Series Chef’s Knives are the essential workhorse for any chef who takes his craft seriously.

Check Price on Amazon

Review table for the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8-Inch chef’s knife

Manufacturing countryChina
Material: steelX50CrMoV15 (German steel that’s ideal for durability)
The hardness of Rockwell scaleHRC 56-58
Competitive edge15 degrees (double bevel)
Take care of the materialG10 (fiberglass laminate)
ProsDurable and low price

Dalstrong is relatively new player in the knife market. Because they are a Chinese company, they use quality materials, but because manufacturing costs are kept low, these savings are passed along to the customer.

Ultimately, this translates into an incredible range of both German and Japanese knives, made with genuine German and Japanese materials, and at very low prices.

With Dalstrong’s Western-style Gladiator knives, you will find the same X50CrMoV15 steel used by leading western-style knife producers, known for its durability. You can easily spend more than $150 for a forged steel knife using X50CrMoV15 from one of the larger German brands.

The tang is fully riveted to the bolster and the handle is fully bolstered. This knife has a fiberglass laminated handle made of G10.

It is a perfect combination of being lightweight and extremely durable. It will withstand any pressure that can be found in a kitchen.

You may want to consider Dalstrong knives if you are searching for a high-quality knife at a reasonable price.

Although they are not the real deal in terms of having truly German or Japanese heritage within the company, the materials they use are just as good as those of most historical brands, and their knives may cost half of what they would otherwise be.

2. ZENITH Infinity Comfort-Pro Series


Zelite Infinity Chef knife 8″

(Celebrity Edition)

The perfect combo for any kitchen – an Executive-Plus Series 8″ (Celebrity Edition) Chef knife and a 4.25″ Paring knife from Zelite Infinity.

Check Price on Amazon

Review of the Elite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series of tables

Country of manufactureChina
Steel typeA German steel that is particularly durable is X50CrMoV15 (German steel).
Rockwell hardnessHRC 56
Factory edgeA double bevel angle of 15-18 degrees is recommended.
Handle materialThermoplastic
ProsComfortable and high-quality materials

In spite of being produced in China, Zelite knives are made from German and Japanese steel, which results in a high-quality product at an extremely low price.

The Comfort Pro series is no different, the quality is there, but you can obtain their wonderful chef’s knife from this range for under $50, which is a tremendous value, in my opinion.

Blades are made of German steel called X50CrMoV15 which is designed specifically to be durable. This has resulted in a blade that is strong and durable, with a razor-sharp edge.

Blade width is adequate, personally I would have liked something a little wider, but that depends on individual preference. This knife has a well-defined blade which allows for a good rock-chopping motion when in use.

This is a full-tang knife with an ergonomically designed handle which creates a unique and extremely comfortable grip. An elegant bolster adds to this knife’s quality, and it is very easy to control using your index finger and thumb to choke the blade.

The handle is also very comfortable to hold with your whole hand, and this makes it the most comfortable handle of all the knives on this list.

I highly recommend this knife, and the only downsides I can find are the slightly narrow width and the slightly smaller heel. Nevertheless, you are getting a product of top quality for your money for less than $50.

3. Henckels International Statement Chef’s Knife by J.A. Henckels


J.A. Henckels International Statement Kitchen Knife Set

Chef Knife, Knife Sharpener

The Henckels 15-Piece (14 pieces of cutlery + storage block) Statement set includes: 3″ paring knife, 5″ santoku knife, 7″ santoku knife, 8″ chef’s knife, 8″ bread knife, six 4.5″ steak knives, 5″ serrated utility knife, sharpening steel, shears, and a branded 14 slot rubber wood block.

Check Price on Amazon

Table of Chef’s Knife Reviews by J.A. Henckels International

Country of manufactureChina
Steel typeSteel stamping X50CrMoV15 (a German steel known for its durability)
Rockwell hardness56
Factory edge18 degrees (double bevel)
Handle materialPolypropylene (thermoplastic)
ProsClassic design and durable

Another important manufacturer of knives is J.A. Henckels.

Despite the simple design of this 8-inch chef’s knife, it provides everything that we look for in a good chef’s knife, and it is one of the most reasonably priced knives on this list.

This very well-designed knife can be offered at such a reasonable price because it is stamped steel rather than forged steel, unlike many of the other quality kitchen knives on the market.

The knife is made from a single piece of steel that is hammered into shape. A stamped knife is crafted from a single sheet of steel, in a manner similar to that of a cookie cutter.


Knives forged from steel have a reputation for being of higher quality since they have more strength. Stamped steel knives have the advantage of being lighter in weight and, therefore, easier on the pocketbook.

In the case of this knife, I think the stamped steel blade is a fair compromise given the excellent price.

This knife’s blade is ideally curved and wide, which allows it to easily be choked with your index and thumb and rock chopped with ease.

There is a good length in the heel which leaves plenty of space for your knuckles and the handle has been well designed to allow the user to use it comfortably for a prolonged period of time. In contrast to stamped steel blades, there is no bolster.

I find this knife to be very well-designed. In fact, it is made from stamped steel, and not from forged steel, but the steel used is made from high-quality stainless steel, and the design of the knife is ideal for any task a chef has to perform.

Considering the price that is being offered, this J.A. Hellckels International Statement Chef’s Knife is a terrific choice for the value-conscious cook who still desires a quality item.

4. Chef’s Knife from the Mercer Culinary Renaissance


Mercer Culinary M21078 Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster Chef’s Knife

Brand: Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef’s Knife

Check Price on Amazon

Table of knives reviewed by the Mercer Culinary Renaissance

Country of manufactureTaiwan
Steel typeA German steel that is particularly durable is X50CrMoV15 (German steel).
Rockwell hardnessHRC 56-58
Factory edgeA double bevel of 15 degrees (single bevel)
Handle materialPOM (thermoplastic)
ProsDurable and low price

Mercer can’t claim to be a company steeped in history, but they do have a great advantage: they produce knives at a low cost in Taiwan, using good quality materials and good design, which makes the knives half the cost of European knives produced using the same materials.

Mercer knives are a favorite of mine and I have watched them slowly gain in popularity because people are really surprised by the high level of quality they offer at such an affordable price.

Forged X50CrMoV15 steel, a half-bolster, and a full-tang are used in the blade. The handle is triple riveted. This is a material and design more commonly associated with knives costing twice or three times as much.

The handle is constructed of POM, a thermoplastic material commonly found for kitchen knife handles since it is very durable and resistant to most temperature and moisture changes.

It’s a very good knife, and the fact that it’s the cheapest item on this list does not diminish its worth.

I do not believe you would be disappointed with this knife since Mercer uses superior materials and classic design for their Renaissance collection.

5. This knife is part of the Mercer Culinary Genesis series


Mercer Culinary M23530 Renaissance, 10-Inch Chef’s Knife

Brand: Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 10-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

Check Price on Amazon

Culinary Genesis Chef’s Knife Review Table by Mercer

Country of manufactureTaiwan
Steel typeA German steel that is particularly durable is X50CrMoV15 (German steel).
Rockwell hardnessHRC 56-58
Factory edge15 degrees (double bevel)
Handle materialSantoprene (thermoplastic)
ProsDurable and low price

The second product on my list is a Mercer knife, and it is even more affordable than my previous entry, but still features the high-quality design and material components you would expect from a Mercer knife.

A German high-carbon steel called x50CrMoV15 is used in the manufacturing of this 8-inch knife. Steels such as this are commonly used to manufacture high-quality German knives. They are durable and resistant to corrosion.

This is a result of its high content of Chromium at 15%, which is an element that qualifies steel as stainless steel due to the rust resistance that chrome gives to iron, which in steel knives rust when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

It is possible to chop rocks easily with this knife since its blade is well curved. The Mercer knife is extremely sharp for a western-style chef’s knife, as its cutting edge has a 15-degree angle.

It has a full tang that runs into the handle, which encompasses a half bolster. A thermoplastic material with elastic properties has been used for the handle. It is very simple in design and made from a thermoplastic material.


The resulting extremely durable material also improves the grip of the handles, which makes it more comfortable to hold and reduces the possibility of slippages.

Having a well-sized heel allows for ample room for your knuckles, and the knife blade is wide enough that it can easily be choked with the index and middle fingers.

Overall, this is another excellent chef’s knife design that includes everything we look for in good chef’s knives. You can purchase it for an attractive price and it is one of the most affordable knives on this list that still comes equipped with all of the essential features.

6. Cook’s Knife in Rosewood by Victorianox


Victorinox 10-Inch Chef’s Knife with Rosewood Handle

Brand: Victorinox

An elegant addition to any kitchen, the 10″ Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s Knife can handle nearly every kitchen task imaginable.

Check Price on Amazon

The Review of the Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s Knife

Country of manufactureSwitzerland
Steel typeX50CrMoV15 (German steel for long-lasting durability)
Rockwell hardnessHRC 56
Factory edge15 degrees (double bevel)
Handle materialRosewood
ProsDurable and attractive

In order to spice up this list a bit, I have chosen to include something a bit different, something stylish!

Victorianox is a Swiss manufacturer of knives and other items ranging from travel gear to perfumes. They began making Swiss army knives in 1884, so they know a thing or two about knives.

Their knives are also quite attractive. They actually produce a very good chef’s knife in their Fibrox range, which is considerably cheaper, however, I think it does not look nearly as good as the rosewood model, which is still under $50.

However, if you don’t care about the aesthetics, I would recommend taking a look at it here on Amazon, which possesses the same cutting-edge technology. 


Made from stainless steel, the blade measures 8 inches in length and is shaped in a way that makes it ideal for a chef’s knife. Herbs and vegetables can be rock chopped with the curved cutting edge of the blade.

It is made of stamped steel and does not have a bolster. The stamped steel is lighter than the forged steel, but it is not as hard, so a trade-off must be made. Victorinox is an excellent manufacturer of stamped steel blades, so their stamped blade is of very high quality, and for under $50 I still consider it a good value.

A major benefit of this knife is its beautiful rosewood handle. Made in a classic fashion, it really makes it stand out from the ordinary, which is hard to achieve for a knife priced below $50.

There are three rivets on the handle, which adds additional strength and ensures a reliable appearance. It has a good-sized heel and the blade is wide enough to be held easily with your index finger and thumb to give you better control when chopping rocks.

Overall, this is a beautifully crafted blade, the proportions are excellent, and the handle is incredibly elegant. The only downside is the stamped steel blade, as forged steel is generally considered superior.

However, for a knife of such high quality from a well-established company that checks most of the boxes you would want in a chef’s knife, I think it’s a great choice for under $50.

7. Pro Kitchen Knife from Mad Shark


MAD SHARK Kitchen Knife


MAD SHARK knives are made of high-quality German stainless steel, that resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

Check Price on Amazon

This is a review of the Mad Shark Pro Kitchen Knife

Country of manufactureChina
Rockwell hardnessHRC 56
Factory edge15 degrees (double bevel)
Handle materialPolypropylene (thermoplastic)
ProsNice design at an extremely low price

Last but not least is this very nicely crafted chef’s knife from Mad Shark.

This company produces a range of kitchen knives with a slightly modern twist on classic designs. You feel that they are all bulky, allowing you to grasp them easily. Many people prefer the lighter, more delicate knives, but there is something satisfying about a knife that is slightly more substantial.

German stainless steel is used to manufacture the 8-inch blade of the knife, providing it with strength and durability while also being highly resistant to rust. In order to facilitate rock chopping of herbs and vegetables, the blade edge has a pronounced curve.


As a forged knife, the blade is bolstered with a full tang and bolstered with a full bolster. A very strong knife is provided, and the blade flows beautifully into the sleek handle, demonstrating a clear blend of classical and modern design inspiration.

The polymer handle is clearly inspired by Japanese knives. In terms of appearance, it has a black finish with a cylindrical tapered shape, much like many Japanese knives, but it is not dead straight like traditional Japanese knives, and there is a slight bend in the handle.

The handle is designed so that no part of the handle will dig into your hand, regardless of how long you use the knife.

This blade combines a comfortable handle with a curved edge and a nice wide blade, which allows you to rock chop with ease, using the blade choking technique of holding the blade with your index finger and thumb.

Compared with the other knives on the list, this knife provides a bit more bulk. I found it to be the only one with a full bolster, and it is perfect for those who want to feel the weight of the knife in their hand, and it is still well under $50!

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A chef’s knife consists of the following parts:


Connecting the blade to the handle is a thick piece of metal


There is a distance between the handle and the edge of the blade


The length of a knife is determined solely by its blade. A knife with a blade of eight inches is eight inches long.

Providing a tip

There is a sharp edge to the blade

A cutting-edge technology

A blade’s cutting edge


An image of the back of the blade. On occasion, this may be slightly sharpened to be used for de-scaling fish.

Budget-friendly methods for maintaining your chef’s knife

You must take proper care of your knife, regardless of whether it was a $25 knife or a $250 knife, if you wish to make the most of it.

Keeping the knives I’ve listed above in good condition will ensure that they will last for decades and will retain their razor-sharp edge.

I know it seems counterintuitive to purchase sharpening equipment for a relatively inexpensive knife, but this will increase its longevity by a factor of ten, and I will list a couple of affordable maintenance tools that do the job well.

Prior to examining the tools, it is important to point out that honing and sharpening are two different processes. This article discusses both in more detail, however.

  • A blade is honed by reallingins. This process should be carried out frequently using a material of the same strength as the blade, for example, steel honing rods for steel knives.
  • The act of sharpening involves the removal of material from the blade in order to reveal a new layer of material. Ideally, this should be done infrequently with a sharpener that is larger and stronger than the blade, such as a ceramic or diamond sharpener for steel knives.

Honing steel for less than ten dollars

This Zulay Knife Honing Steel is 12 inches long and will do an excellent job of keeping your knife well-honed. In order to keep your knife in top shape, I recommend you hone it every three uses.

You may view the Zulay on Amazon here. It is an inexpensive device.

Sharpening rod for less than $25

For sharpening steel knives, I recommend using a ceramic sharpening rod. The ceramic rods are much more gentle than diamond-encrusted ones. You can get diamond-encrusted ones, but I feel that they can be too abrasive and can potentially damage your knife if you do not start at the correct angle.

You can maintain the sharpness of your knives with this 12-inch ceramic rod from Shenzhen. I would like to point out that ceramic is very hard, but it is also brittle, so take care to store it in a safe location. Do not drop it!

Here is a link to Amazon where you can find it.

A final note regarding maintenance

It is important that you properly maintain your knife so that it will last a very long time and you will be able to maintain a razor-sharp edge. Hone your knife every three to five uses at a minimum. In order to maintain that razor-sharp finish, you will only need to sharpen it every six to twelve months if you maintain this schedule.

I have mentioned several knives that are excellent for their prices. It is really up to you to decide which knife is right for you. Because of this, I have sought to show a range of knives with slightly different shapes and designs while keeping in mind what is truly important in a great chef’s knife.

Please use this guide as a guide and I hope it will assist you in finding the right knife for you, which you will cherish for many years to come.

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