How do Self Sharpening Knives Work?

If you’ve ever wondered how those self-sharpening knives work, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll take a look at how these knives work and whether or not they’re worth the investment.

Initially, self-sharpening knives seem like a wonderful concept. In addition to eliminating all the headaches associated with dull knives, you eliminate the risk of injury when using them.

The actual situation is somewhat different. There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages associated with these types of knives.

We will discuss the features of self-sharpening knives, and hopefully, we will be able to assist you in deciding if you are the right candidate for such a product.

What are the workings of these devices?

Most self-sharpening knives are either included with knife sets or can be purchased separately with self-sharpening sleeves. Both the sleeves and the blocks are responsible for sharpening the knives.

Each time you remove and replace the knife in the sheath or block, they are equipped with a mechanism that sharpens it.

Mechanisms are generally made of ceramic components that are angled at a specific angle to correspond to the blade.

As you will be repeatedly removing the blade from the block or sleeve and re-inserting it, you will never have a dull blade because you will be honing it very frequently.

It will suffice to regularly hone the blade in order to prevent dulling and maintain its sharpness.

In that case, do they work? The answer is yes. Nevertheless, we will discuss in the next section the con associated with self-sharpening.

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There are several things we dislike about them

One disadvantage of this method is that you do not have to sharpen your blade as frequently. The blade should not be sharpened frequently since this can cause the blade to wear out prematurely.

Every time you hone the edge you are effectively removing material from the blade. It is not an enormous amount, but the amount removed can easily add up, particularly if you sharpen it frequently, as is the case with the self-sharpening mechanism.

It’s important to know that, although the lifespan of your knives will not be significantly reduced, you can expect them to last less if you use this feature.

The ceramic self-sharpening system appears to be the most effective and least damaging to blades. There are quite a few plastic self-sharpening systems that do not effectively sharpen the blade and also damage it significantly.

What We Like About Them

The self-sharpening feature has some drawbacks, but we believe there are far more benefits than drawbacks associated with it.

Convenience is the first benefit. It can be challenging to maintain a knife properly. Your kitchen work will be more difficult and dangerous as a result of the edge dulling frequently.

A self-sharpener allows a person to completely forego this aspect of knife maintenance. This way, you will always be able to maintain the knife’s sharpness, allowing for easier and safer cutting.

Second, the knife must be accurately sharpened. In other words, we ensure that the knife will be sharpened according to the proper standards. Each knife is unique, so it must be sharpened at a different angle and with a different amount of pressure.

The problem with this situation is that most people are unaware of this fact and are not skilled at sharpening, so they may actually do more damage to the knife than the self-sharpener will. Furthermore, a knife that has been improperly honed will likely not be as sharp.

A sharpening with wet stones is the ideal method for sharpening a knife accurately. To do it accurately and correctly, however, it takes a great deal of practice. For this reason, we have professionals who are trained to perform those functions for us.

By positioning the system at the ideal angle, the manufacturer has created a self-sharpener. In most cases, it will be more economical and easier to hire a professional rather than trying to sharpen the knives incorrectly yourself. Furthermore, you will have to spend additional funds on the wet stones, as they are not particularly cheap.

Would it be better to purchase a self-sharpening knife?

Obviously, it depends on the situation.

Self-sharpening knives may be a good option for beginners, but for more experienced chefs and professionals, they may not be suitable.

Due to the fact that most professionals are proficient at sharpening, the mechanism will be of little benefit to them.

Additionally, if you are preparing meals for the family and wish to remove one more chore from your list, self-sharpening knives are a great option. The fact that your knives will always be well-sharpened will be a relief to you.

However, they will not last as long as if they were sharpened properly with a moist stone. Nevertheless, if improper sharpening is carried out, the blade will last much shorter and become less honed than it would with a self-sharpening tool.

In the case of expensive chef knives, it is extremely important to sharpen them properly. Your best bet is to have them sharpened by a professional.

Self-sharpening knives, on the other hand, will serve you well if you are a regular user. We recommend this set for those who are just getting started with self-sharpening knives.

Statement 14-piece sharpening knife block set from J.A. Henckels International

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HENCKELS Statement 14-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set for Paring


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Ceramic
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Brand: ZWILLING

Henckels International makes essential kitchen tools that every home chef needs. Created in 1895, this time-honored brand offers high quality at an exceptional value.

The blocks of this set are self-sharpening thanks to a ceramic system. As a result, the knives should remain razor-sharp for many years to come. This feature is incredibly useful and will save you a considerable amount of time.

As one might expect from a company of the caliber of Henckels, the set itself is very high-quality. Stainless steel is used to make the blades, which are durable, sturdy, and reliable.

You are going to receive a 14-piece set that includes knives for just about every type of application. In addition to the santoku knife, you will receive a utility knife and a serrated knife. It is very versatile and has a convenient self-sharpening feature which makes it very convenient.


It is a great advantage to have a self-sharpening knife system if you have the need for it. Chefs are unlikely to make much sense of using a system such as this.

In most cases, these knives are sufficient for the everyday, domestic cooking most people carry out. You will save a great deal of time, and you will have a knife that is razor-sharp at all times.

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