How to Close a Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife provides fast and efficient cuts with perfect accuracy and strength. It is difficult for everyone to close a pocket knife safely.

Pocket knives are the best source of defense from any kind of harm, however, if used with the right hands.

This is because, when the blades of such knives are not closed, they can easily cut anyone. Knowing how they should be used and closed is therefore important.

There are hundreds of pocket knives available in the market. There are features and functions in all of them. Moreover, their closure method also varies from each other.

All of these knives and their closing methods will be discussed in this article. It is important to take care when using them so that you do not injure yourself. 

We will first tell you about the closing method of a simple pocket knife without any lock, and then about locked knives and their types.

If there is no lock on the knife, How can it be closed?

Some of the pocket knives do not have any locks. Thus, it can be slightly difficult to close such pocket knives.

Our goal is to inform you about some of the main steps involved in the process. This will prevent these knives from causing any damage to you.

1:  Correct holding of the pocket knife

The first step in closing the pocket knives is its correct holding position. If the placement of your hands on these knives is not correct, then they can easily cut you.

To prevent this action, we generally hold pocket knives from certain positions. 

You have to hold these knives from the handle so that when the blade is about to be closed, your fingers do not get cut.

Therefore, it is necessary to hold the pocket knives from the halt so, that their sharp blades can not cut through you. 

Moreover, the grip of your hands also has a major role to play in this method.

If your grip is not strong and perfect, then these knives can easily slip away from your hands. As a result, a cut can occur easily.

2: Movement of the Blade

These pocket knives are most notable for their blades. From cutting objects to defending yourselves. These blades have major importance on our list.

If you are using pocket knives with any lock mechanism, then you should be aware of their blade’s strength. 

This is because one wrong movement of these blades can quickly chop your fingers off.

You should therefore make sure that these blades are sharp. You should never hold such knives from their blade ends.

 That is why, handles are installed in these pocket knives, so that you may not cut yourself from them.

Your whole hand must be on the top of these handles while moving the blades of these knives. 

The thumb and the fingers should be on opposite sides of each other. As a result, a perfect grip can be produced, and you can easily perform your work.

3: The Closing of Pocket knives

This closing process is the main reason that many people get harmed by these knives. 

If you are not a professional, the process is not easy. But, here we are discussing from the beginner’s point of view.

This whole closure step depends upon the movement of your fingers. When you are closing such knives, you have to slowly let your fingers move away from the slot present below the handle.

Your slow movement will help you to easily manage this situation. The blade of such pocket knives must be slowly moved towards the slot.

In the slot, there is a spring that opens and closes these knives. Thus, when the blade reaches the slot, the spring in the slot holds the blade but does not lock it.

There is a certain limit for pushing the blade in the slot. If the blade is pushed more than its normal limit, then it might come out and cut through your skin.

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Closing pocket knives according to their locks

The closing process of simple or lockless pocket knives is discussed in the upper portion. 

Now, let’s talk about those pocket knives that include locks capable of holding these knives.

1: Liner Locks

The liner lock is present in the most usable pocket knives in the world. These pocket knives are made from a special liner design. 

They contain a spring system mechanism. It means that they can hold the blades of such knives by the means of spring.

Such springs are present within the slot and are made from either steel or titanium underneath the handles. 

The best thing about these knives is that they are pretty simple in both functions and construction. 

When the knives having this lock are opened, the spring pushes the blade back with a strong force.

Therefore, if the knives are not held correctly, they might cut through your fingers. In closing, the blade is pushed back into the spring slot. So, that it can lock the blade in it.

One thing that people do not like about knives with liner locks is that they can not be used by left-handed people. 

This is because the direction of the blade in the opening step is not suitable for left-handed people.

2: Frame Locks

The pocket knives with the frame lock are also designed on the Liner lock mechanism. 

They also support the resting blade of the pocket knives with the help of a spring. That is present under the slot beneath the handle frame.

The main thing that differentiates between the frame lock and the liner lock is the position of these locks. The frame lock lies on the side of the plates present on the handles.

This makes the handles and the side plates get thicker and the handles and side plates in Liner lock. 

Due to this thickness, pocket knives do not require any kind of other support. As a result, pocket knives with frame locks become more sensitive and useful.

These locks are dust-resistant, which makes them a great choice. It is because, the space between these locks and the slot is very small, on which the blade rests. 

Thus, it is very difficult for dirt and dust to gather in this area. Moreover, it is also rust-free. The spring and the slot are made from titanium and aluminum materials. 

3: The Lock back

It is the oldest way of locking pocket knives. It involves the use of Locking Levers on the handles with a slight projection.

When the pocket knives are opened, the metal spin is locked to the handles. Thus, preventing the blade to move or return to its resting position.

However, in closing the pocket knives, the blade is pushed towards the slot. The slot can be filled with it so that it can be fixed in place.

The best advantage of these locks in pocket knives is that they are simple in both function and construction. That is why people use and buy them at a great rate.

Another thing that people love about such locks is that they allow both left and right-handed people to perform their work easily. 

There is generally no limit for them about the direction of the usage of these knives.

4: The Button lock

It involves the use of a button for holding the knives in the slot. It is generally the most selling featured knife in the whole market.

This button allows you to control the opening and closing mechanism of your pocket knives easily. These locks in the knives are both good and harmful at the same time.

The button consists of a strong spring. If somehow, your fingers are not in the correct position, and you have pressed this button, then it can easily chop your fingers off within no time.

Thus, for closing the knives, you have to gently push the blade into the slot present in the knives. 

The handle that you are using to hold these pocket knives must be dominant. So, that your grip can be strong and perfect.

In the closing step, the button should be pressed. So, that the spring is compressed and a space for the blade can be made. You must press the button till the blade is not fixed within the slot.

Otherwise, the spring will push back the blade with more power. It cuts through your skin easily as a result.

5: The Axis Lock

how to close a pocket knife

Next on the list is the axis lock. It is also one of the most useful locks for holding the sharp blades of your pocket knives.

It includes the use of special axis as their locks. This axis moves horizontally according to the notches present on the steel side plates of the handle frame.

When the pocket knives are closed. It is a spring known as the Omega spring that holds the blades in the slot at a fixed position. As it links or overlaps, the back and above parts of the blade.

In the opening of the pocket knives, the U-shaped tension of the blades is fixed and the link between the above and back parts of the blade is broken. Thus, the blade moves out of the slot and is ready for work.

The best thing about using the lock is that it makes your pocket knives too simple to work, or in other words more effective.

The only thing that people do not like about these knives is that the Omega spring used in them is not fragile.

 It can not stand the strength of the blade. Therefore, it can break out after some time.


How to easily close any type of pocket knife?

The best way to close any type of pocket knife is the right movement of your hands. If you are placing your fingers correctly, then you can easily close any pocket knife you want without getting a single cut.

What lock is present in a switchblade?

The switch-blade is constructed upon the Button lock mechanism. As it involves the button, that automatically opens and closes your pocket knives. Making them somewhat like a switchblade.

Is a Pocket knife legal?

The possession of pocket knives is legal. It is because they can make your work quite easy. Moreover, your hard tasks can be done in no time.


The purpose of this article was to teach you how to properly close pocket knives. We are sure, that these given methods will help you to easily overcome the usage of your knives.

If you ask us what lock can be best for pocket knives, then we will recommend you the button lock pocket knives, this is because they have all the best features present in them. This makes your work easier.

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