How to Pack Knives for Moving – Tips for Packing Knives

When you know how to pack knives correctly for moving, you will ensure they will not be damaged during transit and ensure you will be ready to enjoy a delicious meal at your new home. 

This guide should assist you in reducing the time spent on packing and moving kitchen items. Packing and moving items in the kitchen can be one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish.

Here are some tips for packing knives

Packing knives can be among the more hazardous tasks, so you should take care and attention to everything you do. For safety purposes, it is imperative that the knives are kept out of reach of children and pets. 

The knives should be stored on a kitchen counter or table so that they are easy to use. If you are concerned about damage to your surfaces, lay down a protective sheet. Here is a detailed guide to help you:

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A Guide to Packing Knives for Moving

  • Cleaning and drying knives are the first steps
  • Group knives according to their size
  • Lay each group of knives on a moving piece of paper
  • Carefully rolling and wrapping each knife
  • Taping the rolled knives together
  • Protecting your package is to wrap it in bubble wrap
  • Place the knives in an appropriate moving box
  • Label properly

1. Clean and Dry Knives

Blades of some knives can be quite delicate, especially when compared to more expensive brands. Usually, the most effective methods are the simplest. Simply lay the knives flat on top of your body so that the blade is away from your body. 

You can clean the blade by wiping it with a soft cloth or a sponge that has been wetted with soap. Turn it over and repeat the process on the other side as soon as you are satisfied that the surface is clean. You can use the same method for the knives’ handles, however, with wooden handles they must be dried immediately to avoid damage.

2. Group knives according to their size

Following the washing and drying of your knives, group them into groups of similar sizes. The following steps will be more straightforward. Whenever possible, limit the number of knives per group to five. Those knives that are either more expensive or uniquely shaped should be kept separately and packed separately.

3. Lay each group of knives on a moving piece of paper

Spread two to three sheets of moving paper (or similar material) over a surface and spread one group of knives evenly across the paper. There should be a space between each knife of approximately two to three inches.

4. Carefully roll and wrap each knife

The day before you move, you should water the plants as usual, based on the type of plant. Similar to people, plants require hydration when they are relocated. Please ensure that you do not overwater your plants.

5. Taping the rolled knives together

You will now need to secure the package using some moving tape once your knives are neatly wrapped in moving paper. In order to prevent knives from sliding out, the tape should be applied to both ends of the container, as well as to the middle to prevent the knives from moving.

6. Protecting your package is to wrapping it in bubble wrap

Secure the package with tape after wrapping the package in an additional layer of bubble wrap for additional protection. During the move, this will help avoid damage to the package from heavier objects.

7. Store the knives in an appropriate moving box

The knives should be placed carefully in a moving box that is the appropriate size. Alternatively, you may cover the excess space with newspaper or tissue if you are using a smaller box. Consequently, the items will not slide around inside the box. Tea towels can be placed between groups of knives in a large box to help keep them separated.

8. Label the product appropriately

Ensure that each box is labeled appropriately to alert yourself and the moving company that sharp objects will be inside. Having an accident on moving day is the last thing you want.

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