How to sharpen Wusthof Knives?

You may have seen that sometimes when you are about to cut something such as your food, your knife does not cut it properly. Therefore, you have to a new knife or some equipment to sharpen these knives.

However, the Wusthof brand provides you with the best knives as well as the items to sharpen them. These knives are made from the best and most unique quality materials. So that you can cut anything more easily without applying a large force.

The Wusthof knife sets are used in homes, restaurants, and many other places. They can protect the user from getting any sort of cut while using them.

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History of this Wusthof knife brand 

Wusthof is generally recognized as a German brand that produces the best quality knives in the whole world. The main location of this brand is in Solingen, Germany, which is being run by a family of 7 generations.

The knives that this company produces vary in price from each other. However, all of them are used at domestic as well as professional levels. That is why these knives are said to be the best-branded knives all over the world.

These Wusthof knives are manufactured only in Germany and then transported to all other companies from there. This company includes 480 workers, which are responsible to perform more than 400 different works.

The knives that Wusthof produces are being traded from Germany to a maximum of 80 different countries. Their biggest source of trading in North America, which holds its greatest market.

Some main steps to sharpen Wusthof knives

1: Placing the sharpener

First, if you are using the sharpener, then the most important thing is to place it in a stable place. As a result, your work will be done more steadily. You must always pick the best angle for yourself.

Suppose you have set the sharpener right next to your body, and you are using it. A little amount of force can easily cause the knife to cut through your body. Thus, it is better to choose a specific stable location for setting the sharpener first.

2: Clean your knives

This step is said to be the best one in this sharpening process. First, you have to soak your knives in warm or any kind of chemical-containing water. So that all the rust on it can get away.

This makes them corrosion free. Then after this, you have to let them dry or clean them up with a fine-quality towel. You may sharpen it at that time or save it in some drawer for later use.

3: The use of the dominant hand

The next suggestion is to keep the knife in your dominant hand. Although, these sharping tools are unable to damage you. But the knife can easily cut you if it is not strongly held during sharpening.

After this, you can use your non-dominant hand to hold the sharpening product. To prevent it from slipping from your hands.

4: Place your knife in the sharpeners direction

There is also a very important step to follow. In this step, you have to place your knife in the sharpener. Every sharpener consists of 2 blades in it. You have to fix your knife between the 2 blades, or otherwise, it would not get sharped.

In other sharpeners, you would have to find the perfect angle for working. While these Wusthof sharpeners allow you to easily sharpen your knives just by placing them perpendicular to the sharpener.

5: Slide your knife in between the sharpeners blades

To sharpen your knives, you have to slide them parallel to the blades present in them. There are two main things you need to consider in this process. First, you have to push the knife straight and then secondly you have to apply a little force to it.

Remember that if the knife is not at a good angle, and you are continuously pushing it through the sharpener, then it will easily damage the body of your whole knife. 

6: Repeat the sliding process

The last step in this process is the repeated sliding of your knife against the sharpener’s blades. This process should be repeated three to four times. So that your knife is completely sharp.

There are 2 conditions in this sliding process. First, if your knife is completely dumb, then you have to use the coarse side of the blades in the sharpener. While if you are a regular sharpener of knives, then you should go for the fine side.

FAQs: Sharpen Wusthof Knives

1: What is the best angle for sharp knives using normal sharpeners?

For manual sharpeners, the best angle for sharpening depends upon the knives themselves. The best angle for European-style knives is 18 degrees. While for Asian-style knives is 10 degrees  

2: How often can we sharpen our Wusthof knives?

The maximum time that is required for you to sharpen your knives is about 1-2 years. This will make it easier for you to cut anything you desire.

3: How much does the Wusthof company charge for sharpening the knives?

The Wusthof company charges $10 for sharpening the blades of your knives. Unfortunately, this is not free of charge as many people believe.


It is very important to have sharp and fine knives in your kitchen. The dull knives make it difficult to cut and have higher chances of slipping from your hands. As a result, they can easily damage you and make you bleed.

The Wusthof company makes sure that this stuff does not happen to you. Therefore, they make the best quality knives as well as sharpeners. Moreover, they also provide you with sharp bread and meat-cutting knives for further use.

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