Why are Cutco Knives so expensive?

The Cutco knives are expensive because of various reasons. These branded knives are made from the best quality materials and have a warranty for the whole life. The whole world is now taking a keen interest in these brilliantly manufactured knives.

Cutco knives have a big name in the utensils used in making food. They are famous due to their unique quality and designed knives. These knives are quite affordable and easily available in all types of local markets.

These are way more expensive than the normally used knives in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at their reality and their high price. You can get any information that you would like about them in this given article.

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History of these Cutco knives

The Cutco company started its business again in 1949. Now, it is said to be the number one cutlery manufacturer in the whole United States. Besides making knives, this company is also involved in making utensils and accessories like shoe wear and cookware.

Over the years, the Cutco brand has opened several branches all over the world. However, their most highly operated office known as the headquarters is in New York, located in the USA.

The main reason for the popularity of Cutco company is that they have developed the best relations with its customers over the years. Their reputation allowed them to overcome every other knife-making company in this business.

Knives of the highest quality are provided to their clients. As a result, their sales have increased to gigantic levels over certain years. They are using this same way of dealing with their clients, and now they have become one of the best brands.

The top 6 reasons Cutco knives are expensive

Although Cutco knives are the choice in this business, these knives can be expensive. Now, the main question that will come to mind is why these knives are more expensive than the normally used knives. 

You can get your answer in the reasons that are explained below. 

1: Best sharpening services

When the ever warranty of your knives gets expired. If you want to keep these knives, you will have to throw them away. However, there is a solid solution present for this issue. That is, to send your knives to the Cutco company for sharpening them.

The Cutco company offers you no charge. They provide you with the best sharpening of your knives at no cost. However, you would have to pay for the shipping and delivery of these knives. But this is also quite affordable.

The maximum time taken by the company to receive, sharpen and then return the knives is about 2-4 weeks. Moreover, if you do not like any trouble, then you can buy the Cutco knife sharpener yourself.

2: Impressive warranty

The Cutco company makes sure that the warranty of your knives remains the same as they were before you bought them. The best thing about their warranty is that if your product has any kind of default. You can ask the company to change the product at any time.

This company also makes sure that if you are not happy with their services, then you have the right to ask for a refund. Moreover, you can change your product within 15 days.

3: Quality of these knives

All the knives that the Cutco company has produced are made from440A steel. This type of steel is strong, rigid, and durable. In addition, it can last longer than any other knife.

Their weight, style, and design are the next things that make their quality more perfect. These knives are easily controllable on your hand. As a result, they prevent you from getting any sort of damage.

4: The ability to remain sharped

The blades of these knives can remain sharped. Over time, they may require sharpening up, but it does not damage the material used in their construction.

These knives have a special heat-resistant feature. That allows them to remain cool and not get any permanent stains. The main reason they do not get any stains is that they are made up of stainless steel.

5: Fantastic design

Talking about their designs, these knives are known for their flexibility, comfort, smoothness, style, and ability to provide protection. Their style and design are quite modern and attractive to all customers.

The design of their handles is quite impressive. These handles provide you with the best grip. So that you can cut whatever you like.

6: American construction

These Cutco knives are produced and manufactured in America through the process of stamping or laser cutting. Before, shipping these knives, they are transferred from 25 quality tests. As a result, if there is some type of default in them. They can easily be manufactured again.

As you know that the labor cost in America is greater than in any other country in the world. It is therefore quite expensive to purchase these knives.

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1: How long can the Cutco knives remain sharp?

The knives produced by the Cutco brand can remain sharp for many years. This makes them durable.

2:What does the name Cutco stand for?

The brand name Cutco stands for Cooking Utensil Company.

3: Who is the CEO of the Cutco brand?

The name of the CEO of this Cutco brand is Jim Stitt Jr. he owns this whole company and all its branches.


In the end, it is completely up to you what item would you like to buy. So that you can experience their best uses and can enhance your cutting skills. The unique qualities of these might make them expensive, but you can tell they are worth the price once you read the article.

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