Indiana Knife Law – The Complete Guide

India is the only state in the country that does not follow strict rules regarding carrying, manufacturing, and dealing with knives. You can consider of the most friendly state for knives. 

But there are places within the state that impose strict laws on carrying or manufacturing knives. Merrillville is one of the places where people are restricted to having some specific type of knife. Hoosier is another state that imposes strict rules for carrying knives in order to make sure safety of the citizens.

Does Indiana Have Statewide Preemption?

First of all, we need to explain the term Preemption. Preemption means when there is a conflict between high and low authority laws and the high authority law displaces the low authority law. 

So, we can that Indiana has statewide Preemption. In Indiana state laws do not apply through local municipalities. Because there are states which follow their own strict rules for safety. For instance, in South Bend and Westfield, it is illegal to carry a knife in public places like parks, hotels, etc.

In Merrillville, the law is different, you are allowed to carry a knife having less than 2 inches blade. In addition, it is illegal to conceal-carry any other knife in public within the town.

Different states have different laws regarding knives. You should clarify knife laws in other states before traveling there, otherwise, you might get into trouble. 

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The List of Legal Knife in Indiana

The most recent addition of the knife to legal laws is the Switchblades knives which are also known as automatic knives. It was included in the list in 2013 by Governor governor Mike Pence. 

Here are the Illegal Knives in Indiana

Though Indiana is a knife-friendly state in the country still there are a few types of knives that are restricted in Indiana. So, let’s have a look at these knives. 

These Two Types of Knives are Ilegal in Indiana

  • Chinese throwing knives
  • Knives with a detachable blade

Chinese Throwing Knife:

The Chinese throwing knife is defined as a throwing knife, throwing iron, or other knife-like weapons set at different angles. 

But one thing to keep in mind is that every Chinese throwing knife is not illegal in Indiana. Only those Chinese throwing knives are illegal and have multiple blades. A Chinese throwing knife with a single blade is allowed and legal. 

Knife with a Detachable Blade

Ballistic knives, which are knives with detachable blade, are also prohibited in Indiana. As a result, a knife’s blade may be ejected or detached by means of a gas, spring, or other device located on the handle. In accordance with the definition, Indiana prohibits all ballistic knives. 

Here is the Type of Laws for Ilegal Knives

  • According to the law, manufacturing, dealing, importing, keeping, carrying, or lending of a Chinses Throwing Knife is a class C misdemeanor.
  • The states about a knife with a detachable blade or ballistic knife is a class B misdemeanor, to recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally possess a knife on school property, a school bus, or a special bus.

This section of the law defines a knife with a detachable blade as a weapon that can stab, tear, or cut with a sharp edge.

Here is the list of the knives which fall under this law

  • Dirks
  • Daggers
  • Gravity Knives
  • Switchblades
  • Poniards
  • Stilettos

There are some exceptions to the law. It may be used if you have been authorized to do so by the school authority or if the knife is in the vehicle.

Indiana Laws Regarding Length 

If you are living in Indiana or plan to go there, remember that there is no restriction regarding size of a knife. You can any knife regardless of the size. 

If you are planning to move around the state the rules might change. For instance, if you travel to Merrillville with a knife having a length of more than 2 inches, it will be considered illegal. 

Indiana Knife Laws by Demographic

Laws are very clear on who can buy, deal in, and carry within the state. 

At what age you can carry knives in the state

Under the section, prohibited instruments of violence, there is no age limit. You can carry knives except for China Throwing Knives and knives with detachable blades. So, you are free in carrying knives. However, knives are not permitted in school premises.

How about a Felon Carry a Knife in Indiana

According to Indiana law, felon carrying is a class A misdemeanor. The law states that,

The charge of level 6 felony is applicable to a felon who injured someone with a knife he was carrying as an adult. It will be a level 5 felony if he is a child, that is, if he is under the age of 18. 

Giving a Deadly Weapon to an Intoxicated Person

As we know that knives can be deadly and according to the law, you can give an intoxicated person a deadly weapon so that he could injure someone with that. It is totally against the law in Indiana. 

Concealed Knives Carry Laws in Indiana

There is no restriction on concealed knife carry in Indiana. But again remember that you can’t use it the school property. That’s what you have to keep in mind. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.


Indiana Knife Laws are very simple and straightforward. In fact, it is the most friendly state when it comes to knife laws. You can carry any type of knife with you if you are not children I mean over 18. Apart from that, there are two types of knives that you can carry, deal with, manufacture, sell, offer, or gift. The first one is; China Throwing Knife and a knife with detachable blades.

You are also not allowed to carry any type of knife on school property. The knife laws of Indiana also vary in local municipalities. For example, you can’t carry a knife with more than a 2-inch blade in Merrillville.

FAQs about Indian Knife Laws

What size knife is illegal to carry in Indiana?

The state of Indiana does not impose any strict laws on the size of knives. You can carry any size of knife freely. But remember you want to travel within the state so there are places where there is a restriction on size, like Merrillville.

Is it illegal to carry a switchblade in Indiana?

Yes, it is legal now t carry switchblades in Indiana. It was included in the list in 2013 by Governor governor Mike Pence. 

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